Why We Spent $850 On A Barbecue

We recently purchased an $850 barbecue and when I told a family member, the first thing she said to me was “that’s a lot of money – I thought you were frugal!”.

What she didn’t understand is that we were being frugal by spending that much on a barbecue.

Let me start at the beginning…

A few weeks ago, we were preparing to make dinner on the barbecue. I was greatly looking forward to grilled vegetables and chicken – this was the first time using the barbecue since last summer.

So, you can imagine my dissapointment when my husband went outside to get the food on the grill and came right back inside, saying that the barbecue was completely rusted and unuseable.

That was a sad day.

What went wrong…

The mistake that we made was a year earlier when we purchased that barbecue.

We didn’t do our research. It was late spring and we just wanted to cook outdoors. we wanted burgers and sausage and chicken – all done on the grill.

The problem was that we only had about $150 to spend. We ended up purchasing a cheap, $125 barbecue from Zellers without much thought.

The result was a barbecue that was incredibly difficult to put together, cooked unevenly, and rusted to death in a year’s time.

Starting over…

Thanks to a bonus from my husband’s work, we were able to afford a much better barbecue this time around.

However, instead of just running out and buying whatever we could find, Richard spent hours researching the best barbecues out there.

After a few trips to stores with barbecue sales, we found a few Weber barbecues to consider. Richard did more online research and found that the one we were leaning toward the most was a very good quality barbecue and the price was actually pretty decent.

So, we bought it. With taxes, we spent around $850 for our Weber barbecue. It’s certainly one of the most expensive things we’ve ever purchased, but you know what? It was worth it.

There are some things you should condiser paying full price for, and I now believe a barbecue is one of them.

Have you ever purchased an expensive, but quality item instead of an inexpensive, but poor quality item?

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  1. Andrea says:

    After about 5 vacuums ranging from useless to decent, we finally bit the bullet and bought a $600 Dyson on sale for $500. We have two black cats (and two small children!) so totally worth the investment and overall less money than what we spent buying the other 5 vacuums over the years.

  2. c_teixeira says:

    Great post!!! We bought a bbq a year ago for under $200 and it was the worst mistake ever it’s totally rusted and the ignition is gone and was looking into a bbq again and I think I may have found it. The one thing that I will never cheap on is a matress your back depends on it. I also have had many vaccuums and a couple of months ago I got myself a handheld Dyson Animal vaccuum and am in love its amzing, I never saw the reason for overspending on them but am amazed my little handheld does a better job then my full size vaccuum

  3. Suzanne P says:

    Your Weber BBQ is worth every penny! We have had ours for more than 10 years and it has never failed us. Just be sure to clean it every spring and ‘season’ the grill racks.

  4. Carrie H says:

    I believe that quality is better then quantiy – We bought a Webber about ten years ago, and we have never had a problem.

  5. Sophie says:

    Yes I have also spent alot (in other peoples eyes) for a mattress. I have really bad back problems and years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I decided to invest in a Tempur-Pedic King Size mattress (total cost $4200). It was worth every penny. Now our house burnt down a month ago and one of the first big purchase we did is reinvest in a Tempur Pedic mattress (this time the Cloud model…ahhhh…what a bed!) the full price was $5900 for the mattress and box spring only (not including the Tempur Pedic Cloud pillows at $199 each!) Luckily this time the sales person at Sleep Country did awesome deal and we where able to buy the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress and box spring in King size + 2 Tempur Pedic Cloud pillows for a total of $4600 with taxes included!!!! Again WORTH EVERY PENNY no matter what others say!!!

  6. Stacey says:

    We bought a Weber last year as our anniversary present. We got the same model as you only all stainless steel. I LOVE it. I do all the barbecuing all year round and have had a few different ones and they have lasted as long as I expected them to. This time we decided to make an investment in Weber and step it up. Like many of my kitchen appliances we have upgraded to high end models, I have never had a bbq cook as well and be as heat stable as this one. I know it will last! We got the natural gas version and if we move, I will fork out the money if the new house does not have the outdoor gas connection so I can take it with me!!! Someone made a comment about considering how much you would spend on a stove, as often as we use it, they are absolutely right. Congrats on your new purchase and I’ll bet you are out using it every night for weeks!!

  7. Pat says:

    We cashed in all our air miles for a natural gas Weber that was over 8 years ago only last year did we replace the cast grills , a little more money to replace these at about 150.00 for the pair and 50.00 for the flavor waves,
    after all this time, the start button to ignite the thing still works ,
    We BBQ all year long , even during a power outage we were able to cook a giant tray of cabbage rolls ,
    If I eventually had to replace this BBQ it would be a Weber again. definitely worth every penny.
    Weber if your reading this discount coupons would be nice for your fans .

  8. Betty says:

    For Several years we would go to Walmart or Zellers & buy a cheap Bar-b-que only to have it rust up or stop working. We wasted a lot of money if you really think about it …getting only a couple years at most out of each one, especially since these cheap ones are made to be disposable…thay have no replacement parts for them.
    Then a 3-4 years ago my husband got smart & we saved up for a good quality broil king. I am sure it will last us many years & the great thing is they have replacment parts. In the long run it’s well worth it …& we use it a lot, even in the winter since we are in B.C. Many times if I have a large group coming over for
    dinner its just easier & quicker to bar-b-que.

    Enjoy your new Bar-b-que , I am sure you will get you money’s worth out of it.

  9. LAURA says:

    WE LIVE in Alberta and even use our Weber BBQ in winter..we have natural gas hooked up on the deck..
    I bought the Weber in 1980 as as a Fathers Day gift for my hubby..thats 32 YEARS ago. 😉 Great investment..$200 then..very solid has 2 side trays..still looking good!
    Remember to clean them every year,check the orifice for mouse nests,clean the grills(in the self cleaning oven if you like),replace the briquettes etc..we got a new “burner” from a Can.Tire store (end of season for $24) ..to replace the old one that had a few plugged holes etc..Zellers and other stores sell the burners too..good luck !
    We are taking our time buying a new washer and dryer to replace our 30 yr young Kenmore..new front loads are often too high to fold laundry on,dont use enough water or suds to WASH clothes that are really dirty,have a smelly rubber front gasket,or slime that builds up between the inner drums..older is often BETTER BUILT..dont let them fool you!

  10. Sicorra says:

    We have a Webber Gas BBQ as well. Yes it did cost a lot but we love it. It is over 5 years old and still looks new.

    We bought a really good cover for it and we cover it up in between uses and for sure during the winter so that it doesn’t get hit with a lot of moisture.

  11. Jennie says:

    We’ve got a little portable Weber my grandmother won in a raffle. She used in on her patio for years and when she died, she left it to me to take camping. It still works like new. My parents bought a cheap camp BBQ on clearance last year. It took my dad and I hours to figure out how to put it together, and when we used it for the first time, it burned through an entire small bottle of propane in less than 20 minutes, didn’t even finish cooking our meal. Not really worth it to save money on the BBQ and use 5X the fuel. They’ll be getting a Weber in the near future.

    Our at home BBQ was a freebie from someone who used to work for my husband. We’ve replaced the inner workings, had to do some repairs so the lid doesn’t fall off when you open it, and it’s blown over at least twice in wind storms but it still works. He’s determined to make it last until he saves up to get a really good one…I think we’ll be looking at Webers.

  12. Ruth says:

    Very nice! I will definately consider this brand when we need to replace our current bbq.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Weber Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill is on sale for $749.00 at Home Depot in the West (Calgary).

  13. Nicole says:

    I sell these barbeques at work along with broil king and sterlings which are made by onward (canadian I might add) Did the store give you the phone number for onward in case you ever need a part? Unfortunetly not all bbq parts are universal and not all stores will carry every single part for every single bbq they sell so if you ever have problems finding a part (if you ever need one that is) you can call onward and they ship directly to your door within a week. Parts are not that expensive as well which is nice.

  14. Cassie Howard says:

    Nicole: I believe they did!

  15. jane says:

    Frugal does not mean cheap.

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