Where To Find Coupon Inserts In Canada

Where to get Coupon Inserts

Where to get coupon inserts, this is a question that I get asked a lot. So today I will talk little bit about coupon inserts and where you can find them. Many readers want to know about these kinds of inserts and where they can find them and how they can get multiples of them.

So, hopefully this information will guide you in the right direction.

The type of coupon inserts that are available in Canada right now are:

Brandsaver: These come out every 3-4 months.
Smart Source: These come out every 3-4 weeks.
Redplum: These come out every 4 weeks or so.

Those are the 3 coupon inserts that are available. Now, where can you find them, and how can you get multiples of them?

The number one way that I personally get multiple coupon inserts is through family, friends and, actually, the paper carrier. She gets lots of extras and gives them to me instead of just throwing them out (which is what she is told to do by her boss).

Here are some tips for finding coupon inserts in Canada:

Coupon Inserts in Canada

Tip #1

Tip #1 is to ask your friends and family. If you have friends and family members who don’t use coupons, or who don’t use them as heavily as you might, simply ask them if you can have their coupon inserts. If they don’t use them themselves, they will usually give them over to you.

Sometimes you may have to offer some free goodies from your stockpile, but I’m sure that would be worth it!

Tip #2

Tip #2 is to check with your local recycling centre(s) and/or your local paper carrier, and ask them if they have any extra coupon inserts that they are allowed to give out.

A lot of places actually aren’t supposed to give out those extra coupon inserts (they have to send them back to Smart Source, Brandsaver or Redplum), but there are a few exceptions to this, so I do encourage you to check.

Tip #3

Tip #3 is coupon trading. A lot of people get extra coupon inserts from the ways described in tip #2, so they usually have lots of extras that they can’t use themselves. These people are likely to trade those extra coupons.

Check out our coupon trading forum to trade coupons with other Canadians.

Those are my top 3 tips for getting extra coupon inserts.

There is another way to get extra coupon inserts, but it’s not one that I recommend – purchasing them on Ebay. Now, I’m only mentioning this because I know that people are going to bring it up, so I just wanted to acknowledge why I don’t think it’s a good idea to purchase those extra coupons on Ebay.

Most people who are selling coupon inserts (and often tear pad coupons) on Ebay have usually gone about getting those extra coupons the wrong way.

Especially with tear pad coupons, some people will take entire tear pads of coupons, just to sell them on Ebay and I find this to be very wrong. I don’t recommend supporting these people by purchasing their coupons on Ebay.

The only way I would recommend purchasing coupons from Ebay is if you are purchasing a “LOT” of coupons that come from multiple sources (tear pads, save.ca, coupon inserts, websaver.ca, etc.). These auctions are often just people trying to get rid of their own coupons that they do not need.

The top 3 tips above are how I get my coupon inserts and how many of my friends get coupon inserts as well.

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  1. Louise says:

    These are excellent tips for finding coupon inserts, thank you! In my condo building we have a recycling room where many people throw out their newspapers, inserts and all. Instead of rummaging through the recycle bins (which usually results in some great finds, although not always ideal) I simply put a little box down there with a sign on the front, asking people to donate their coupon inserts. It’s amazing how many extra copies I get just by doing this, people are generally very obliging!

  2. Marianne @ Preserving Pennies says:

    I have a relative that delivers papers and some of the people on his route have requested not to receive the paper. Despite having told the paper company that he needs less papers, they continue to send him the papers for the people that have declined delivery. As a result, they get extra coupon inserts every time they come out. If you know a kid with a paper route, it’s worth asking!

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