What To Buy At A Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption

What to Buy at Shoppers Redemption

The Shoppers Optimum rewards program is fantastic. As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of this program from Shoppers Drug Mart. I really do believe it is the best rewards program in Canada. So much so, that I wrote an eBook about it: The Ultimate Guide to Shoppers Optimum Rewards.

When bonus redemptions roll around at Shoppers Drug Mart (every few months or so – and one really big one right before Christmas), I always get bombarded with emails from people asking me what is on my shopping list.

Are you wondering what to buy at a Shoppers bonus redemption event? Here’s what I suggest:

Items you can’t usually get for free/cheap

The best thing to spend your points on are items that are near impossible to get for free or cheap. This means you either have to wait for a good sale, or pay full price (ouch!).

Some examples include: Cat litter, garbage bags, Brita water filters, peanut butter, and bathroom tissue. Stock up on these items during a Shoppers bonus redemption to avoid the full price trap.

Items that are on sale

Most times, the sales that coincide with a bonus redemption are not spectacular. However, there are occasionally times when there are a few good deals. If these deals are for items you use all the time, it might be a good idea to pick a few of those sale items up.

Remember to watch for limits, though, as many of the front page deals are a limit of 4 per person at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Items that have bonus points attached

When you’re planning your shopping trip, be sure to check out our Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points & Coupons page to see what items can give you extra bonus points when you purchase them.

I know what you’re thinking: “What? You can earn bonus points when youre paying for your purchase with points?”

Yes, yes you can. Keep in mind that you will only be awarded bonus points on items that offer a set number of points. Will work: “buy this Pantene shampoo, get 500 bonus points”, Won’t work: “buy this Pantene shampoo, get 10x the points” OR “buy $10 worth of Pantene shampoo, get 500 points”.

Purchasing items (with your points) that have bonus points attached to them, is an easy way to build your points back up again.

Pantry staples you are running low on

Flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate chips, honey, canned tomatoes, jam, oil, pasta, crackers – if you need these items soon, don’t wait for a good sale when you can get them for FREE during a Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption! Even if you have to “pay” (with points) full price for them.

We go through a lot of honey in our house, and many times I have had to spend $7.49 worth of points on each bottle I picked up during a redemption, just because those items were on sale. Could I have waited for a $3.99 sale (which happen often)? Of course. But then I’d be out $3.99, when in this case, I’m out nothing.

A splurge item for yourself

Collecting Optimum points takes time, patience and dedication. Redeeming those points is fun. Don’t spend them all on boring stuff like groceries. Be sure to get a little something for yourself, as well. Think of it as a tip for doing such a great job collecting points!

Whether it’s a new perfume you want to try, some makeup, a camera, or even your favourite chocolate bar – always get something for yourself. It makes those redemptions so much more fun.

Redeeming your points at Shoppers Drug Mart is exciting, and although there are many great things you can get for free with your points, you do want to go into the store with some kind of plan on how you’re going to spend them.

Make a list of “must haves”, and get those items first. Make a list of “just in case” items and get those if your must haves are sold out. Make a list of “inexpensive extras”, and get those items if you go to checkout and find out you still have a few dollars left to spend (this has happened to me many times, when items were on sale and not marked, which threw off my total).

The most important thing is to have fun. You earned those points – now go spend ’em!

by Cassie Howard

What do you spend your points on at a Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption?

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  1. Karen says:

    You can also wait to redeem your points when they have special days where points are worth more – their having one this weekend! Then you won’t feel so bad about getting full price items (even if they are free).

  2. Erica says:

    When i go grocery shopping, the first thing I do is go to SDM ( then to a grocery store for what I couldnt here) for my milk, eggs, bread, pop, butter, diapers, pull ups and wipes. I walk the isles looking for any sales i may have missed, any price freezes I may not have known about, mark downs, clearouts, etc. I usually always find a great deal or a clearance item on something i need or can add to my stash (shampoos, conditioner, bodywashes, toothbrushes etc etc) Im always scanning for clearance items that i have coupons to bring the price down to pennies or free. I love SDM’s food and dairy section for their manager markdowns. With 3 kids in the house i dont mind buying a tub of yogurt or a carton of chocolate milk that will expire in 2 days, since it likely wont last the rest of the day before its eaten. I also buy alot of bread when they mark it down and I freeze it immediately. Ive seen bread for as low as $0.29 a loaf because it expires the next day. This bread is great for toast, and toasted sandwiches. I typically buy very fresh bread for lunch sandwiches. I save all my shopping for point promo days, unless i run out of something and im desperate. If you do all your shopping on 20x the points days for any other promo the points add up fast. I always buy a gc first and shop with it, and I buy all my gas, timmies and anything else from sdm in gc form (with a sdm card). I build up enough points a month to do 1 redemption per month, which i save ofcourse. I spent all my points in dec 2012 at the $210 level, and im already back up to almost 350,000 pts saved up. Best points system by far!

  3. Erin says:

    Hello, I’m new to SDM but already love earning their points! I am considering redeeming for the first time but have question regarding how returns work on redeemed items. In case I need to return any items purchased with points later, would they accept any returns? If they do, do they return the partial (or full) points back to my account??

    • Cassie Howard says:

      Hi Erin! You would receive cash back for the items, no points.

      • Erin says:

        Thank you for your reply, I had no idea they give cash for returned items. I was reading their return policy and all they say is for the return for redeemed items, the points will be forfeited. I was concerned it might technically mean no returns. Do they actually give “cash” back or some kind of store credit?

  4. Shayle says:

    I am currently waiting for my new bank card through Royal bank, it is an optimum checking account. You receive 20 points per dollar you spend when using your checking account and optimum card. I do not not all the details as I have not received it yet, but I do know if you have 2 direct deposit pay checks deposited each month and pay bills out of it you receive 50,000 bonus points. Sounds like a good way to rack up points. 😀 Does anybody have this? Is it as good as it sounds?

  5. Carrie says:

    I buy manly organic food so I really enjoy stocking up on pasta, pasta sauce, crackers, oatmeal! PB & J ect. I wish they carried more but they carry a lot more then our super walmart.

  6. Shopper says:

    We use our points for perfume/ cologne that never goes on sale. It’s out treat to ourselves for saving elsewhere without making a major hit on the wallet.

  7. Isa says:

    If I redeem for perfume 95,000=$170, let’s say the perfumes were exactly $170 do I pay taxes on the $170?

    I saw this: …Offer is a reduction off your total pre-tax purchase price of cosmetics and fragrance products eligible for point redemption

  8. Isa says:

    So, if the perfumes were $180, I redeem 95,000pt=$170,
    Do I lay tax on the $10(difference after redemption),
    Or I pay taxes on the $180?

    Perfumes $180+13%tax=$203.40

  9. Josh Rachlis says:

    I have 334,121 Shoppers Optimum Points. I don’t think I’ve ever redeemed any. Because I always feel I should wait for a bonus redemption day. And then I don’t know what I would buy for at least $200. Help!

  10. Cheryl says:

    You are somewhat right- a lot is much more expensive at SDM. This system works best for those who comparison shop and use coupons. Only buy items that are on sale, using coupons for most if not everything you buy, paying attention to items that give you extra points, and only making the purchases on days which offer bonus points. Also in my town it is the cheapest place to buy milk, eggs and butter. The only time I go there on non-bonus points days are to buy any of those 3 items. Saves me a few dollars a year, and gets me bonus points with no extra effort.

  11. capable of critical thinking says:

    yeah they are a total rip off, you can go almost anywhere and get a better price on almost anything!

  12. Karen says:

    I only buy items on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart. Or for my grocery list I always price compare to see whats the same price at Shoppers as the grocery store – then I buy at Shoppers. The grocery store doesn’t provide points. During the summer I managed to earn the highest amount of points and redeemed them for diapers and formula and I’m already at the highest level again!

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