We Paid Off Our Debt In 3 Pay Periods: Reader Success Story

Here is a success story from an anonymous reader:

When my husband and I started our “get out of debt” life challenge, I knew I wanted to email you when we accomplished it. I never thought I would be emailing you so soon.

Our debt grew slowly over 3 years. We bought a house, and then decided to go back to school without saving or planning for it.

A dinner out here, new clothing there, beauty here, and home repair there. In February 2012 we had $6,000 in credit card debt.

That might not sound like a lot, but our total monthly income is only a little over $4,000.

I started couponing in August 2011 and knew I loved it, but never knew how it would fit with our new goal of paying off this debt. I had a good stockpile, so one day we created a very tight budget.

My heart hurt so much that day. How could we live off this little? How could we have come to this point? Would it ever be over? Could I actually live like this? We looked at each other and commit to this goal.

Our goal was to pay off our debt in 4 months, but I am happy to say we were able to pay it off in only 3 pay periods. We were able to put over half of our monthly income towards our debt each month.

I never thought I would ever see my Visa at a $0 balance. I thought people always had a credit card balance – but you don’t have to have one.

You have inspired me, given me motivation, given me faith when I had none, educated me and truly given me a better future.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have changed my life.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You need a “LIKE” button like on Face book 🙂

  2. Dawn says:

    Congrats to this reader!!! We have decided that as of May 1, we officially start getting our finances in order!!! We have a plan all set up now!!! Today is our last day of smoking!!!! We are hoping that in the next year, we can be debt-free, non-smokers and living better!!!!

  3. Georgia says:

    I was in debt to the tune of $40,000 from buying stuff and junk and making a lot of mistakes in my younger years. I woke up one day and was tired of getting bills and owing money. I sat down with my bank manager and we set up a low-interest credit line and I committed to paying that sucker off. We cut up and cancelled all my credit cards, except a low-interest, low limit Visa.

    My committing to paying off my debt meant that I had to re-evaluate my needs and wants, and to live off a very very tight budget. But, I paid it off 1 year early, right before my maternity leave benefits ran out! I can now say that you really don’t need much to be happy. What make me happy is not having any debt or bills in the mail….only coupons!

  4. R.S says:

    Great story but we did not reach August 2012 as yet i think it should be August 2011

  5. Stephanie says:

    R.S….it says August 2011?

  6. Saffy says:

    Great job reader. What a nice story.

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