7 Brilliant Tips For Organizing Closets

Closets can take on a life of their own – stuffed with random objects, clothes no one bothered to hang up and offering a great hiding place for room tidy ups. I try to organize our closets at least twice a year, especially in the kids’ rooms. This round up of organizing tips makes me want to start this very afternoon. Care to join me?

7 Clever Tips for Organizing Closets

how to organize closet

DIY No-slip Hangers

no slip hangers
Keep your sanity by creating these simple hangers. Simple pipe cleaners will prevent neatly-ironed clothing from falling to a wrinkly demise. Great project that kids could help with as well.

Clothespins Revisited

closet tights
The inventor of the clothespin deserves accolades and honour. So does the person who had this brilliant idea for hanging up tights. Glue clothes pins to the back of the closet door and turn a stuffed drawer into organized chaos.

Tidy Tank Tops

closet tank top holder
This space saving idea makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it. Turn a simple tie holder into a tank top hanger. Definitely the first one I am going to implement.

Brilliant Double Hangers

Repurpose the tabs from pop cans to create these double hangers. Just slip them over the hook of the top hanger, and loop the bottom hanger through the hole. Perfect way to help kids keep outfits together in their closets.

Repurpose Items

closet belts
Paper towel holders can easily become holders for belts or hair scrunchies. Magazine holders can store small purses in a way that keeps them tidy and in full view. When evaluating your closets’ hot spots, look for items you already have to use as innovative storage.

Stack Bracelets

closet bracelets
If you have a lot of jewellery, this is a great solution. Turn pop bottles into a simple bracelet holder. You can tuck them neatly into a closet or leave them on display.

Go Vertical

please save
Sometimes closets have awkward little spaces that don’t seem to lend themselves to much storage. I love how this blogger turned a narrow wall into storage with wall-mounted baskets.

In case you need one more inspiration to get organizing those closets, what about this clever quote by Amy Fine Collins?
Opening up your closet

should be like arriving at a really good party

where everyone you see is someone you like.

Maybe before trying these organizing hacks, we’ll start by getting rid of items we don’t love?

What are you favourite closet organizing tips?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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