Tipping Etiquette In Canada

Have you ever come across a situation where you didn’t know whether or not to tip someone, and if you did want to tip them, you didn’t know how much to give? You don’t want to give too little, but you also don’t want to give more than what is normal, especially if the service provided was mediocre.

If you’re ever found yourself asking the question “how much do I tip?“, this post is for you.

Tipping Etiquette in Canada

How Much to Tip

10% of the fare. More for exceptional service or if they bring you to a location that is hard to get to.

Airport/Hotel Shuttle
$2 per trip, per person.

Hotel Bellman
$2-$3 per bag, $3 if the bag is particularly heavy.

Hotel Maid Service
$3-$5 per day. Leave a note that says “Thank you” with the cash, so they know to take it.

Room Service
15% of the bill, unless they are bringing free items like extra pillows, then tip $2 or $3.

Parking Valet
$5 when picking up your vehicle.

15%-20% of the bill, after tax. 10% for poor service.

$0.50-$1 per drink.

Coat Check
$1-$2 per coat.

Hair Stylist
10%-15% of your bill. $3-$5 for support staff like the people who wash your hair.

Tour Guides
$5 per guide.

Food Delivery (Including Pizza)
10%, more for a difficult delivery, such as bad weather or a hard to find location.

Washroom Attendant
$0.50-$1 per visit.

10%-15% of bill.

Food Retailers with Tip Jar
Optional, but not necessary.

10%-15% of bill.

Shoe Shiner
$2-$3 per person.

Furniture Delivery
$5 per person, especially if delivering something large and heavy.

Moving Company
$20-$25 per person seems to be the norm.

Tattoo Artists
10%-20% of the total cost.

Pet Groomers
10% of the total fee.

Airport Skycap
$1-$2 per bag, $2 if the bag is heavy.

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