What To Buy In May

What to Buy in May.

What to Buy in May

As I’m sure many of you know, stores follow a yearly sales cycle, so with a few exceptions, you can usually anticipate finding the same products on sale at the same time every year.

Here’s what you can expect to find on sale in May:


Japanese manufacturers fiscal year end is at the end of March, so you can expect discounts on older television models in April and May.

Winter Wear

Now that the weather is quickly getting warmer, many people are packing away their winter clothing – including stores.

Watch for sales on coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots.

Patio Furniture (Older Models)

New models will be out this year, which means all of the older models that didn’t sell last year will be marked down this month, in order to make room for the newer stuff.


Tis’ the season for weddings and graduations! Stores are trying to cash in on this season and since cookware is a popular gift, you can expect to find lots of great sales on it.

Party Supplies

Along with graduations comes graduation celebrations, so watch for sales on party supplies in May.

Disposable Plates, Cups & Cutlery

Barbecue season is upon us. Burgers, corn on the cob, steaks – all of that good stuff! Many people will be cooking on the barbecue much more often now and won’t want to be in the kitchen washing dishes.

Look for sales on disposable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery.


New products come out in summer, so stores are starting to slash prices right now to make room for the new products.

Bedding & Towels

The “white sale” is happening again, where stores are cutting back their prices on bedding and towels. Now would be a great time to replace any worn items.

Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning is in full swing and right now there are many sales on cleaning products. It might be a good time to stock up on these products if you are running low.

Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping with the spring cleaning theme here, vacuum cleaners will help you get your house clean – which means these items will be on sale, too.

Bottled Water

You will start to see bottled water on sale quite a bit this month and throughout the summer. It often goes on sale for $1 for a case of 12.

Salad Dressing

It’s time for barbecued meats, pastas and of course – salads! Expect lots of sales on salad dressing this month. Croutons too (or you could just make your own).

Ice Cream

This is just the beginning for ice cream sales. You can expect this dessert to be on sale for the next few months.

Produce to buy in May:

Bananas, Grapefruit, Grapes, Kiwi, Lemons, Mangoes, Oranges, Pineapple, Rhubarb, Tangerines.

Waiting until just the right moment to buy something is one of the best things you can do to save money. Unless you need it right away, hold off on any purchase you need to make until it is the best time to buy.

Do you wait until May to purchase any of the above items?

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  1. marian4k says:

    Well, sara, I guess that just goes to show that “most of the population” has bought into the bottled water marketing ploy, contributing to wastefulness and unnecessary spending.

  2. Cassie Howard says:

    Please stop it with the negativity.

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

  3. mellie says:

    I’m with Marian4k – I have a Britta water bottle and a PC jug in my fridge. For those who will argue you don’t have room in the fridge, you can buy a water dispenser from Canadian Tire that’s got a refillable jug. Where you do need to replace filters every few months, its much more economical then bottles, not to mention much better for the environment.

  4. Monica says:

    Although I, too, don’t agree with the water bottle industry (I’m an industrial chemist – I know more than the average consumer, so don’t bother swaying me, LOL) we have a stash of bottled water for “emergencies” – for example, if our water is shut off due to city maintanence, natural disaster (I’m in BC) or in the rare cases where our water is contaminated and boiling it still won’t be enough (because of sediment deposition).

    The fact remains that this website is a public service to couponers. If you disagree with the purchase practices of an individual, you have the freedom to discontinue visiting this site. However, you infringe on the freedoms of others when you post negative, beligerent and down right rude comments to Cassie and her fellow writers and readers.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I also agree with marian4k. Everyone will have their own opinion about this, but I feel that buying bottled water is a complete waste of money. Nothing angers me more than when I see people stacking their carts sky-high with cases upon cases, as if the world is going to end tomorrow. I have a Brita filter attached to my faucet and the water tastes no different than bottled. I understand the psychology behind bottled water (my mother freaks out when she’s on her last case)…companies have you all wrapped around their fingers. And while that’s fine for some people, it’s not for me. I’d rather spend the $20 to replace the filter every 3 months than encourage more waste. And if you’re defense is ‘I recycle my bottles’, it’s simply not good enough. You’d be surprised how little recycling does to aid the situation.

    Also, why waste even more money buying disposable paper plates/cups. There are so many cute RE-USABLE plastic plate/tumbler designs for outdoor patio bbq’s or picnics. Buying disposable ones is literally throwing money out. Sorry Mrs J, but I really don’t think this is a big money-saver. Why are we so lazy to do dishes? Were our mothers/grandmothers this lazy 20-30 years ago? Doubt it!

    Listen, I get it. Bottled water and paper plates are easy…but when we’re all floating in our streets clutching to our bottles of Evian, you’ll think of this post and regret making the right choices!

  6. Krista says:

    Thanks for these great tips Mrs. January.
    Dollarama has Naya spring water on sale 1.5L for $0.50.

    We use a small supply of bottled water in case there is a power outage.
    It is part of our emergency preparedness plan. Our bottled water is in our emergency kit in the house and in our emergency kit in the car. We rotate the small supply regularly.

    ^^ There is a good use for bottled water — emergency planning : )

  7. Krista says:

    Thanks for the tips on the produce deals for May. This helps up plan our shopping so we get fresh produce inexpensively.

    Although I am craving a nice apple right now, but they are too expensive. Haha.

  8. Katie says:

    I don’t feel that marian was being disrespectful. She was simply raising a very valid point. I know that many, many people buy bottled water, but if a public website posts something about buying it and then someone else views it as a forum to say that it is really not necessary, our tap water is perfectly fine, then I don’t see what the issue is. I agree that being rude is not necessary, but if someone disagrees with something and says so politely then that is not “infringing on someone’s rights”.

  9. marian4k says:

    If you’re talking to me there was nothing rude or insulting in either of my posts.
    @ Mellie and Elizabeth. Thank you.
    Bottled water has its place as in Monica’s and Krista’s examples but to buy cases of water to drink at home is foolish.
    And Elizabeth I am SO with you on the disposable plates and cups thing. I have even stopped fast food takeouts because of the waste.

  10. Brianne says:

    I read this blog daily and I don’t usually post very often because I find that many people lose sight of what this blog is for.
    Cassie is only trying to give people ideas for where they can save money and keep their pockets a little fuller on things they use. By the time I was done reading the whole post, comments included, I almost forgot it was about what are good purchases at this time of year because many who commented became fixated on one thing.
    Yes, the bottled water industry has many thinking they need to drink it and yes, some people use paper plates, etc for BBQs or summer parties. The reality is, is that many people use these items and as environmentally unfriendly as they are, people definitely use them. That is what the post is about…if you use these items, and it is YOUR CHOICE if you use these items, then this is the time to buy them to save money.
    I cannot believe the negativity that shows up a lot of the time and the people who challenge the post and each other on the comments. I can only imagine how tired Cassie is of posting something to show others how to save, only to have others comment and take away from what the whole post is about…which is how to save money on things you may use.
    Cassie, I really appreciate the work you put into the site and hope that you continue to post things that help everyone who appreciates what you do to save money on things they use.

  11. Skyler says:

    @ Cassie: It’s not being negative – many people feel really strongly about people not buying bottled water because it is a huge issue that affects us all and if we continue to be naive about it there will be serious consequences in the future. As the owner of a site that is viewed by thousands of people, you should be aware that your recommendations do affect the way people shop. Take advantage of that power by not only advocating a frugal lifestyle, but by living a conscious lifestyle. As you said, don’t buy a cheap, crappy BBQ that will die every couple years and end up in a landfill. Where do you think all the bottles of water will end up? Our children will be growing up in an awful place if we continue on this path of over-consumption and wastefulness.
    You should all watch Blue Gold: World: World Water Wars, and you will learn about why some of us are so against bottled water.

    “Live simply, so that others may simply live.”

  12. Tally says:

    Very well put Skylar. Thank-you all for the reminders to protect not only our pockets but our environment too.

  13. Olusola says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot more kale on the shelves and wanting to stock up. I think this is a good time to buy kale as well because it’s towards the end of its growing season so harvests are coming in. Plus it freezes very well

  14. marian4k says:

    Thank you, Skyler! Well said.
    Not even going to mention the cleaning product issue…. :/

  15. teachermum says:

    Thank you Brianne,

    This is a “deals” site, not a forum for discussion, in that sense. It matters not whether I buy bottled water, formula, disposable diapers, cleaning products, health and beauty items (most of which I do not) but IF I did, I would know where/when/what the good deals are. There are other places to discuss the wisdom of such decisions, but I don’t feel this is it.

    Thanks Cassie for the hard work-I have enough trouble keeping track of the deals posted that I would want to take advantage of, I can’t even imagine keeping track of ALL that you do!

    And regarding the original question, I don’t seem to follow the calendar dates for such things. If I do need new clothing I will shop end of season sales but that is because I only look at sale racks and there is simply more on them at end of season! Frankly, I don’t buy very many clothes at all. We wear what we have until it is unwearable, for the most part. We did just buy a new mattress but have been keeping our eye on good prices for over a year. It’s the price we follow, not the date. Same with the second fridge and freezer we just bought for the basement-we have been watching for over a year until we had the alcove built so knew what a good price was. most largish purchases here are planned for quite some time so we have lots of time to watch and know when a good deal shows up.

    I tend to have a large “price book” in my head so follow sale prices rather than seasonal prices for most produce and groceries (and other things we would soon need). Apples aren’t in season so I shouldn’t expect to find them cheap, yet they were just on for .67 a pound so I stocked up on granny smiths-the always crunchy even in the spring apples!

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