What To Buy In July

The Best Things to Buy in July.

What to Buy in July

Wondering what the best things to buy in July are? Look no further!

As I’m sure many of you know, stores follow a yearly sales cycle, so with a few exceptions, you can usually anticipate finding the same products on sale at the same time every year.

Here’s what you can expect to find on sale in July:


Don’t forget to protect your skin when you’re out in the sun this summer! Stores everywhere have sales on sunscreen all the time in July, so you should never pay full price for this summer necessity.

Pop & Bottled Water

Cold drinks are a must when the temperature outdoors is rising, so expect many great deals on pop and bottled water in July.

Juice is also on sale, but the deals aren’t often as good as they are for pop and bottled water.

Ground Beef

It’s high time for burgers on the barbecue! Don’t ever pay full price for ground beef during the summer months. Stores know that people are making burgers a lot, and in an effort to sell as much beef as possible, they are offering great discounts.

Insect Repellent

Going camping? Don’t leave home without your insect repellent.

Along with sunscreen, insect repellent is a top seller in July, and because of that, there are lots of sales available.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and hot dog buns are on sale all of July, so if you plan to serve these for lunches and dinners throughout the summer (or the year!), be sure to stock up this month when you see those sales.

There are often many great coupons available for hot dogs during the summer months, as well.


A burger or hot dog isn’t complete with some condiments, and lucky for you, they are always on sale at low, low prices in July.

Look for ketchup, mustard, relish, barbecue sauce and more. Don’t pay full price!


Most stores are cashing in on beach season by offering deep discounts on all of their swimwear. There is almost always at least 1 store with a swimwear sale every single week in the summer.

July is a great month to pick up discounted swimwear because the selection is still pretty good.

Craft Supplies

The kids are out of school now. How many times have you heard the line “I’m bored!”?

Keep your kids busy with crafts galore. Lots of discount department stores (Walmart, Zellers) have craft supplies on sale in July to encourage you to buy “time killing” supplies for your kids.

Standing Fans

Desperate to keep cool but can’t afford an air conditioner? Pick up a standing or table top fan rather inexpensively during the months of July and August.

Ceiling fans are also on sale this time of year, but are not as deeply discounted as standing and table top fans are.

Waiting until just the right moment to buy something is one of the best things you can do to save money. Unless you need it right away, hold off on any purchase you need to make until it is the best time to buy.

Do you wait until July to purchase any of the above items?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Summer clothing goes on clearance (plus a percentage off on top of that) quite often in mid-July, so it’s an especially good time to stock up on kids’ clothes for next year. Shoes go on for big discounts as well, and quite often on last year’s leftover fall and winter shoes as well. Gardening materials/plants/equipment go on sale as the garden centres are closing in July

    Late summer is a good time to buy barbecues, summer toys, and outdoor merchandise as well. Do your non-candy shopping for Easter baskets to pick up deals.

  2. Monica says:

    Along with ground beef, my grocery store, Save On Foods, puts steak on sale! And often. I got two grilling steaks (oh my they are SO juicy) the size of my hand (not palm) for $6-7 – that’s $3-4 EACH for a fantastic cut and quality. So far, since about May, there’s been 4 sales and I’ve stocked up and we’ve had steak once a week since Mother’s Day.

    I agree with Elizabeth – especially stocking up on summer clothes, and swim suits etc for kids. I got a lot of Gymboree for example, for $3-5 for shorts and shirts. So much cheaper than other brands for way better quality.

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