Stockpile Storage Chart

Are you wondering how long you can store and/or freeze the items in your stockpile?

Download our new stockpile storage chart to find out!

When it comes to freezing, there are many items that you can freeze, in order to prolong their life and save you money, but you need to know how long and HOW to store those items if you really want to save money. If food items are not frozen properly, they will not be edible when you eventually go to eat them.

Don’t flush your money down the drain. Instead, learn how to properly store your stockpile items and how long you can stockpile them for.

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  1. Kevin Murphy says:

    On a TV show called ” life after humans” Twinkies will last as long as pkg isn’t damaged. On the show they were talking roughly 30 yrs.

  2. nic mac says:

    you are amazing thank you!

  3. Nic Mac says:

    Question is this just shelf life or expiry as well?
    Eg, katchup and mustard

  4. Cassie Howard says:

    These are shelf-life time frames.

  5. Debbi says:

    A really useful site is
    Just type in the product name and it’ll tell you the shelf life!

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