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I took some photos of my new stockpile room yesterday. We had this room built when we were getting our basement renovated. It was actually intended to just be a regular storage room, but then I realized how perfect it would be for a stockpile – so, now this is where our stockpile resides!

We also keep our chest freezer in this room. The only thing not in here is laundry stuff (in our laundry room upstairs) and diapers (in Kaylee’s huge bedroom closet).

Bins for Organizing Stockpile

Right at the end of the room are 4 bins with drawers. This is where I keep smaller items.

Couponing Stockpile

Stockpile in Canada

Canada Stockpile

Free Toothpaste Couponing

Stockpile Canada

Household Stockpile

Is it just me, or are stockpile rooms just fun to look at?

Beauty Stockpile

This shelf has beauty items and some odds and ends.

Food Stockpile

This is one of our food shelves. It stores cereal, pasta, canned beans and tomatoes, rice and it also has soda and bottled water on the very bottom.

Food Stockpiling

This food shelf has snacks (crackers, granola bars), condiments, drinks, and a few random food items.

Stocking Up

Over here we have cleaning supplies, paper products and baby wipes.

Grocery Stockpile

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my stockpile tour. Maybe I will do a video tour soon, too. 🙂

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  1. Sara says:

    Haha, I’m super anal so it bugs me that you have multiple drawers of toothpaste and one drawer is on the opposite side of the rest :p Other than that, looks great! It’s what we all dream about! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    • Cassie Howard says:

      I know, me too! I still need to organize inside the drawers. I actually have 3 of them full of toothpaste, it drives me nuts. Maybe this weekend I will finally get around to organizing everything in there. 😛

      • Jamie says:

        Do you pay attention to the expiry dates on toothpaste? I’m fairly new to the whole stockpiling concept, and have so for only taking advantage of one toothpaste deal (I got 5 tubes for FREE!) but looking at the dates, they will for sure expire before I can use them…

  2. Paula says:

    Most impressive! How do you get all the extra freebie coupons, eg. the Red Plum inserts? I get only one per newspaper, so one coupon/freebie only!

  3. Jan says:

    If you ever feel like downsizing, please consider donating your extras to your local foodbank. I’ve volunteered at a food bank for seven years and our shelves look pathetic compared to yours’.

  4. SeriousSally says:

    That is one seriously awesome room for your stockpile, I guess you’re well prepared for the looming Zombie Apocalypse haha… I hope you don’t mind a little suggestion for the placement of some of your stuff, especially the food. I noticed near the top shelves there is quite a bit of duct work overhead, I’m assuming furnace ducts. Albeit these give off very little heat, they still can make the area a bit warm especially since hot air rises. Since most foods require to be stored in a “cool dry place”, you could possibly shift some of the food items to the lower shelves (like the cereal, crackers etc.) and perhaps bring up some of the non foodie items to the top shelf that won’t be susceptible to heat damage.

  5. Langley Girl says:

    What is an estimate on how much you paid for all of it and actual worth if bought without any savings?

    • Cassie Howard says:

      Hmmm, that is a difficult question since I do not really keep track. As a guess, I would say the value was around $2500-$3000 and I paid around $500 for it all.

  6. Kimberley says:

    I think you should def. do a video tour of your stockpile:) I would LOVE to see it!!

  7. Laura says:

    This is so inspiring! I’m very impressed. I keep my “loot” in the walk-in-pantry and linen closet (for now!). Thanks for all the tips and info you provide all year!

  8. Sue says:

    Wow, that is amazing and inspiring….and a little frustrating for a newbie like me. Well at least it gives me something to work towards!
    Thank you for all your ideas and tips for success!

    • Cassie Howard says:

      Please don’t be frustrated! It takes time to build a large stockpile, and it’s not something you want to rush.

  9. Laura's says:

    Just wanted to respond.
    Thank you Cassie for understanding I wasn’t try to attack you.
    To the other ladies, I coupon all the time myself, saving on average 40-60 dollars a week by using sites like this for info. I truly appreciate the tips. My comment was simply trying to address want vs need. Jenna, great tip on the rainchecks.

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