Saving Money On Starbucks K-Cups – Reader Question

Starbucks Verdana K-Cups

Today’s Reader Question is from Mandy,

One of my splurges is Starbucks Veranda Blend K-Cups. They are rarely on sale at the grocery store.

Where can you get the best deal on Starbucks Keurig K-Cups – either online or in a ‘brick and mortar’ store? -Mandy

Do you have any ideas for Mandy? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Jane says: – check the website. I know they have stores in Burlington, Ancaster, Milton and Kitchener, but you can also order online.

  2. Jane says:

    Starbucks online store may be cheaper.

  3. Jenna says:

    The option is to work at Starbucks or know someone that work there and get free coffee or tea every week. Plus I get an additional 30%. Not to mention unlimited drinks when i work.

  4. Jenna says:

    The bad thing is is that I don’t like coffee or tea.

  5. Erin says: sells K-cups – not your Veranda flavour, but Verona. 🙁 54 cups for $39.99 (0.74 per kcup)
    Looks like EWS sells your Veranda for $15.49 for 16 k-ups (0.97 per kcup)

    Be sure to check IN STORE at Costco as well – our local Costco sells many types of Starbucks Kcups – just not sure how ‘popular’ Veranda is…?!

  6. Lee says:

    If this is a coffee that you can purchase as regular coffee grounds you can purchase a “make your own” kcup dispenser at Home Ourfitters. You put in what coffee you like and pop the little holder in the maker! Yes, it is a little more difficult, and takes away from the ease of using the machine – but maybe get a couple and have them ready…..much cheaper in the long run!!

    • Laura says:

      On Saturday @ CT, I just bought a Keurig Special Edition & also bought a 4 pack of the Keurig Cafe Cup Reusable Single Cup Pod Filter (not compatible with the Keurig VUE models) for $14.99,plus taxes. It is an As Seen ON TV product, comes with 4 Cafe Cups & 1 scoop, distributed by Northern International Limited in Toronto. I won’t be opening it up until I make sure my machine is working fine & that it’s the Keurig machine that I would like to keep. I’m trying to be enviro friendly as I keep the coffee grounds for my garden & also trying to save $.

  7. Denise says:

    Mandy – Here’s what I did and it came out to about $0.40 per kcup vs. the usual $1 per.

    You need an active paypal account and need to be willing to purchase over $100 of coffee (which comes out to less than half of that with the discounts). As well, they don’t have veranda, but do have a variety of other starbucks kcups to select from.

    Here’s the math, then the steps you need to go through to complete:

    If you are buying 3 packages of kcups:
    Sub Total $141.00
    Less 10% ebates – $14.00
    Less $25 credit – $25.00
    Less 10% coupon code – $14.00
    Less $25 PayPal – $25.00
    Less credit for next purchase $8.05
    TOTAL $55 (plus taxes) for $141 worth of coffee

    1. Sign up for Ebates if you haven’t already – you get a 10% rebate when you make a purchase at (where you will buy your coffee). Ebates will send you your rebates by cheque quarterly. If you aren’t signed up, can you use my link to register?
    2. Signup for if you haven’t already – they will give you a $25 credit for any purchase over $100 (here’s my link if you haven’t signed up
    3. Add three packages of coffee to your cart @46.99 each (or two packages and something else small so your before tax total after the discount (I’m going to tell you about in step 5) is applied is at least $75
    4. Go to checkout via Paypal – your $25 credit should be automatically applied
    5. Enter promo code RetailMeNot for and additional 10% off
    6. Checkout with Paypal and you will get an additional $25 credit automatically applied.
    7. will credit you $2.35 per package of coffee that will stay in your account – you can use on your next purchase

    So, if you are buying 3 packages of kcups:
    Total $141.00
    Less 10% ebates – $14.00
    Less $25 credit – $25.00
    Less 10% coupon code – $14.00
    Less $25 PayPal – $25.00
    Less credit for next purchase $8.05

    Hope that helps!! You’ll have a lot of coffee, but you can’t beat the price per cup!!

    Email me if you have any q’s.

  8. Lori says:

    Try Markcol. They have retail stores all over Durham Region and beyond. Also Great place for mixing and matching all your favorite coffees and teas.

  9. Cheryl says: is even cheaper than & if you spend over a certain amount shipping is free

  10. Peppy says:

    Try Home Outfiters. They have coupons every week for 20% off one reg price item in local paper/ 25% if you use HBC credit card. Also…at the front cash they often have on sale ones that are expiring soon for even more off.
    Their reg price is comparable to grocery store. Always get mine there.

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