Reader Story: No Longer Living Paycheck To Paycheck

I thought you would all be encouraged by this story that a reader sent in to me.

I have been keeping an eye on your site for a while. I had not read “your story” until today however, and after I did, I had to message you!

My husband and I were $16,000 in debt due to a car that we purchased that was now falling apart. We ended up spending an inheritance that I had received because we were paying $300 in interest per month and that was basically coming off our credit card. Soon after, we found out we were pregnant.

At the age of 22, we worked as hard as we could, but it never seemed to be enough. We went and talked with an expert at money managing and after an hour he told us that there was nothing they could do for us, that this baby was going to cost us more money then we had! We didn’t even have enough for the baby furniture!

We became very frugal – getting rid of everything that wasn’t on contract (cable TV, telephone). We began going around at the end of the month to apartment buildings in the area and taking the furniture and articles that the people moving didn’t want to bring. We sold them on Kijiji and made enough to buy all the necessities for our baby and still had some money left over for about one or two months worth of diapers.

When my son was about a month old, I was introduced to couponing and took it on as my full time job/obsession! Because of sites like yours, we NEVER go hungry and my son always has diapers and formula. I now teach all who want to learn about the art of couponing.

Thanks to sites like yours, we don’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore! Thank you for all you do (especially your articles & videos!).

– Cynthia

Do you have a success story to share? Please contact me! Let’s inspire one another to live more frugal lifestyles.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Mrs J you are fabulous and although we live debt free couponing is allowing us to make a donation of about 250.00 in goods to our local food bank and “pretty girl” packages to a local shelter for teenaged girls. I get a bigger thrill with donations that with my stockpile! BTW Those pretty girl packs consist of hair mousse, hair spray, facial scrub, toothbrushes, and toothpaste all pretty much free thanks to your posts Mrs J. Merry Christmas.

  2. Cindy says:

    I am pleased The British Woman has directed me to your website, Mrs. J, as I am sure I will be recommending to others myself. How encouraging is it to see your knowledge and sharing is reaching out to help so many others. I love sharing and being shared with, so I will be a frequent follower of your site. Merry Christmas to you & yours this 2012 Holiday Season.

  3. Marie-Claude says:

    Awesome story! So happy for you guys!!!

  4. Broke No More says:

    In 2010, we dreaded the big bills coming (insurance, car payment, tuition, property tax, car mechanic [2nd older car]). We decided that 2011 would be different. We saved a portion of each cheque early in January and the following months. By the time the house insurance was due — it was already in the bank making interest. Same for car insurance, car payment, tuition, property tax and the struggling older car. It’s now December and we have not had a sleepless night.

    And, to make it even better, we have something in a RRSP, tax free savings account and, our biggest triumph, an emergency account.

    We are now thinking what we can do over and above in 2012. Maybe make extra payments on the mortgage principal amount, to cut the number of years and cut the interest.

    We are so happy to sleep well! : )

  5. Carrie H says:

    Love the story. I enjoy reading the proactive actions the couple did to make extra $$$.

  6. TallNFunny says:

    Couldn’t help getting choked up reading the story. Love hearing success stories like that and thank you Cassie for doing your part to help us all save money.

  7. krystal says:

    I wish I can coupon like that. The best I have done so far is 14% off my bill with coupons. I am barely surviving on Maternity Leave money, with roughly $16000 in debt and a 9 month old whose father will not work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

  8. Janice says:

    Is this girl (from the story, not Mrs January) American, I wonder? Because Canadians write it paycheque and American write it paycheck.
    I too am thankful for this site and wish I could coupon better so I can live and eat comfortably instead of not having enough…

  9. Brenda He says:

    I’m Canadian and I write it paycheck not paycheque. I’ve never seen anyone write it paycheque! Maybe I’m the only one, and my grammar just sucks 🙂

  10. Christina says:

    The correct spelling in Canada is paycheque

  11. Mesenga says:

    Thats a great story of a young family. It’s great to beat the bank (or at least that inancial advisor that can’t do his own job) and get outta debt and still have enough for your family.

  12. Sara says:

    I am happy for this young family, and anyone who can do this… I just dont know how they do it. What am I missing?I make lists and coupon and the most I can save is $10.00 off my total bill… I just dont get it! Im even starting to stockpile for when I got on mat leave in 2 months,
    Im as a frugal as I feel I can be, and still dont seem to get out of the whole.

    Im so scared for when I go on mat leave and living on such a smaller income when we are already struggling now

  13. Wendy says:

    I started following this September of this year. The reason I started was my ex husband failed to pay for the kids back to school items. I use my coupons at shoppers and freshco. I live in Toronto with the 20x the points, and coupons I have saved over 1000.00 . I plan in 2012 to be even more frugal. Thanks

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