How To Make Your Own Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade Baby Wipes

Can you believe the price of baby wipes these days? $4-$5 for 72 wipes?! That’s highway robbery!

Check out this easy do-it-yourself tutorial for making your own homemade baby wipes, sent in by a reader:

You Need:
– 2 Baby Wipe Containers (With Covers/Lids)
– 1 Roll of Bounty Paper Towels (NOT Bounty Basic)
– 2 Cups of Distilled Water (use boiled water if you don’t have distilled)
– 2 Tablespoons of Baby Oil (or Vegetable Oil)
– 2 Tablespoons of Baby Wash (Mild, not sudsy)

1. Cut paper towels in half and place in your containers (half in one container, half in another).
2. Mix the baby oil and baby wash together with the water and pour the solution thoroughly over the paper towels (1 cup per half roll).
3. After 10 minutes, flip the roll so that the other side will get absorbed as well.

To Use:
Start using the baby wipes by pulling the paper towel right in the middle. It should come out like the way you pull a Kleenex from the box.

Thanks, Zoe!

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  1. Cassie Howard says:

    Tabatha M – That’s a great idea! We have tons of those too. I think I may just do that once the wipes I have are all gone. Thanks for the tip!

    Sara – Don’t thank me, thank Zoe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    teachermum – I wish I had the patience for cloth diapers! Maybe for my next baby… ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. teachermum says:

    Patience Cassie? Just curious what you mean (and any others here). Really, I am as I hear similar comments often including the sadness that many parents can’t afford diapers in donation threads…but a few dozen diapers, some pants and pins would cost the same as about a month’s worth of diapers and last through several kids… I think so many younger folk have never seen plain old cloth diapers (not the woefully expensive fitted, velcroed things) that they really don’t know what is involved. Couldn’t be easier if you have your own washing machine, really. And my mum would tell you it wasn’t that big a deal when you lived in an apartment building either!

    You may have to change them more often though as you don’t want them sitting in wet diapers…but then they will likely toilet train earlier! It used to be kids were toilet trained at age 2…now it seems to be 3+. I’m quite certain it is releated to feeling wet in a cloth diaper (and perhaps the parent wanting to stop washing diapers!)


  3. Cassie Howard says:

    Susan – Honestly, I am just lazy! That and I have 15,000 other projects going on in this house (house cleaning/organizing, bill paying, taking care of Elliott, taking care of our 5 animals, taking care of myself (sometimes), blogging, doing behind the scenes work for (this takes a ton of time), working on, cooking, etc. LOTS of stuff every single day. I’d just be torturing myself to throw cloth diapering into the mix. I may try it with our 2nd child though, who knows! Maybe things will calm down by then.

  4. Ashley says:

    This is a great inexpensive idea! Are the bounty papertowels soft enough on a babies bum though? Just curious…I like to collect ideas like this for when we have kids.

    I cannot imagine myself ever using cloth diapers. I remember my mom using them on my younger brother, and even at such a young age, I thought it was a lot of work. She was constantly doing laundry it seemed, and just the idea of cleaning out baby poop from the diapers and washing them grossed me out. I know they are more environmentally friendly and cheaper than disposable diapers, but the extra water usage and detergent to wash the cloth diapers could add up too.

    @teachermum: I think the reason kids are not potty trained nowadays til 3+ is that most households both the parents are working. Back in the day when more women were stay at home moms, they had the time to start potty training their children earlier. Now that most households both parents are working, there is less time for parents to spend potty training their toddlers. I think that’s the reason many parents are waiting longer.

  5. teachermum says:

    Ashley, agreed on the both parents working as well, but if those older kids were in cloth, trust me, they would know they were wet and be complaining! I do realize day care and cloth diapers usually don’t mix.

    Cassie and Ashley…dump the poop and flush (yes, most of the time it is that easy, and you shouldn’t put that stuff in the garbage anyhow, which most people do), toss the diaper and the facecloth you used to wipe in a pail that has water and a bit if detergent already in it so it gets wet and every two or three days dump the pail into the washer, spin it out then wash as usual. Toss them in the dryer, empty them into the basket and put the basket beside the change area.

    I’ve done both…it was MUCH easier to wash than to bundle snow-suited kids up, buckle them in and head to the store because you just used the last diaper…and hoped they didn’t need a change on the way there!!! And the constantly taking the garbage out…but the cost-that really was a very noticable addition to our single income budget when ds couldn’t wear cloth and he couldn’t wear name brand diapers so it was no-names anyhow which were MUCH cheaper…three extra loads a week of laundry was far less work, time and cost than running to the store.

  6. Cassie Howard says:

    Ashley – I cannot imagine myself using cloth diapers either, but then again, I also couldn’t imagine myself blogging about deals and personal finance. Haha! So who knows!

    I agree the the working parents statement. Even though I am home, I am a work at home mom, not a stay at home mom. So I’m here, but my only job is not taking care of Elliott. That’s why I think he will also be closer to 3 before he is potty trained (though I do hope it’s earlier!).

    teachermum – Since I often get my diapers for free at SDM redemptions, or very cheap when they are on sale/clearance, the cost of diapers does not really bother me that much (same with wipes). However, if I was having to pay full price for them, that could get expensive and I would DEFINETELY consider using cloth diapers then. Right now, we’re okay though, so Elliott won’t be using cloth. However, when we do have a second baby, I will look into cloth diapers some more and see if they would work for our family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. teachermum says:

    Cassie, I’m old…pre-Shoppers Optimum points! And…if I recall, diapers were close to the same price 20 years ago as now…I remember being thrilled to see them under $10. I hoped for a sale and bought what I could! LOL

  8. Cassie Howard says:

    teachermum – I don;t know what I would do if I couldn;t get free diapers through SDM redemptions. I’d probably try cloth! ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Sara says:

    ok so Thank you Zoe. I have switched, they are moist, soft and I have a baby with a sensitive bum, so it always seemed that the sented wipes were the ones ALWAYS on sale. And I had to buy the sensitive ones full price. Not any more!!!!!!!!!!! My babies bum is rash free, amazing. They work so well, as funny as it is, I didnt mention it to my husband becasue he is the type “if it is not broken, no fix it” He said to me this morning her bum is so soft and its not red. Yeah he has not noticed yet so I am not going to tell him its the wipes until he asks how to refill them. Then I will give him the instructions ha ha. Thanks so much!!

  10. Cassie Howard says:

    Sara – I’m glad you had a pleasant experience with this and that the wipes have made your baby’s bum better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. KMc says:

    Or … an even better (less wasteful and less expensive) alternative: buy baby wipes and use water. Yup, that easy. To make things even better, switch to cloth diapers too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ms t says:

    when my brother was a baby, long ago, my dad worked at some place that made diapers (among other things). mom tells me that she used to be able to get garbage bags full of ‘oopsy!’ diapers that weren’t suitable for selling to the public for about 1 penny per diaper! most of the time they were just missing a sticky tab, so they used to keep a roll of tape at the change table (or in the diaper bag). of course mom preferred to use cloth but sadly this was easier in so many ways, especially on-the-go & at night when she’d have to double (or triple!) things up [remember – cut through outer plastic cover on inner diaper so liquid can reach outer diaper]. not to lessen the environmental discussion here, but can one not get ‘oopsy!’ diapers somewhere? as for the baby wipes being cold, my sister-in-law had a baby wipes warmer plugged in & ready to go when my nephew got home from the hospital…

  13. Amanda says:

    Great idea & I can’t wait to give it a try! Our kiddos also have sensitive bums so we use thin washcloths (one wet, one dry) for diaper changes and only use disposable wipes for ‘messy’ changes or when we’re not home. We switched to cloth diapers about 5 months ago and love it! We have an almost 3 year old – and the cloth hasn’t made her want to potty train, a 1 1/2 year old and baby #3 coming in December. It is not as gross or inconvenient as you would think and we save tons of money (and lessen our environmental impact). Everyone has to make their own choices for their own families though. We really enjoy your website Cassie – keep up the good work!

  14. Kristy says:

    When you say cut the towels in half, do you mean cut through the entire roll, in half? And do you keep the 1cup of liquid in the container, or drain when soaked through??? Sounds like something I might try! Thanks for posting this great idea!

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