How Long To Store & Freeze Your Stockpile

When you save money on groceries and begin to create a stockpile, it’s important to store those stockpiled items properly.

Ever wonder how long you can store certain items? This list covers everything from shampoo, to pasta, to meat and more.

Household Items

Air Freshener – 2 Years
Batteries, Alkaline – 7 Years
Batteries, Lithium – 10 Years
Bleach – 6 Months
Dish Detergent – 1 Year
Laundry Detergent – 1 Year
Window & Glass Cleaner – 2 Years
Disinfecting Wipes – 2 Years
Hand Soap – 2 Years

Health & Beauty Items

Shampoo & Conditioner – 3 Years
Bodywash – 3 Years
Bar Soap – 3 Years
Face Wash – 2 Years
Body/Hand/Face Lotion – 3 Years
Deodorant – 2 Years
Sunscreen – 1 Year
Shaving Cream – 2 Years
Hairspray – 3 Years
Lip Balm – 5 Years
Mouthwash – 3 Years
Baby Oil – 3 Years
Baby Powder – 3 Years
Toothpaste – 2 Years
Hair Dye – 3 Years

Food Items

Mayonnaise – 4 Months
Salad Dressings – 10 Months
Ketchup & Mustard – 1 Year
Pickles & Relishes – 1 Year
Butter & Margarine – 3 Months
Baking Powder – 18 Months
Baking Soda – 2 Years
Bread Crumbs – 6 Months
Cake & Brownie Mixes – 1 Year
Canned Fruit & Vegetables – 1 Year
Cereal – 9 Months
Chocolate Syrup – 2 Years
Coconut – 1 Year
Crackers – 6 Months
Flour – 7 Months
Pudding – 14 Months
Herbs & Spices – 9 Months
Jams, Jellies, Preserves – 1 Year
Honey – 1 Year
Marshmallows – 3 Months
Olives – 1 Year
Pancake Mix – 6 Months
Peanut Butter – 7 Months
Pasta – 2 Years
Rice, White – 2 Years
Popcorn – 18 Months
Brown Sugar – 4 Months
Salt – Indefinitely
Sugar, Granulated – 2 Years
Syrups – 1 Year
Tea, Bags – 18 Months
Tomato Sauce – 14 Months
Vinegar – Indefinitely

Wondering how long you can freeze items, as well? No problem, I’ve got you covered!

Items You Can Freeze

Ground Meat
Whole Chickens & Turkeys
Chicken & Turkey Parts
Prepared Stews, Sauces, Soups
Beef & Lamb Chops, Steaks & Roasts
Goat Cheese
Hot Dogs
Eggs (raw, out of the shell)
Shredded Cheese
Orange Juice
Soy Milk

Items You Can NOT Freeze

Sour Cream
Miracle Whip

How Long to Freeze

Bread – 6 Months
Ground Meat – 4 Months
Pork – 6-8 Months
Sausages – 3 Months
Whole Chickens & Turkeys – 1 Year
Chicken & Turkey Parts – 6 Months
Prepared Stews, Sauces, Soups – 3 Months
Beef & Lamb Chops, Steaks & Roasts – 1 Year
Croutons – 6 Months
Hot Dogs – 2 Months
Eggs (raw, out of the shell) – 6 Months
Butter, Margarine – 2 Months
Pasta – Indefinitely
Rice – Indefinitely
Shredded Cheese – 6 Months
Berries – 1 Year
Orange Juice – 4 Months
Cookies – 6 Months
Tortillas – 6 Months
Milk – 1 Month
Soy Milk – 1 Month

Make sure to pay close attention to the expiration dates on your products. Always go by the date on the item. If there is no date listed, that’s where this list comes in.

Do you stockpile to save money? What are your storage tips?

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  1. Mrs January says:

    Laura: A few days, tops. I leave my bread in the freezer all the time and take it out when I need it. That way it never goes bad. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Never pay full price for bread…. I simply go to the 50% off racks and buy as many varieties of buns, bread and baguettes etc… and then go home and double bag them… FREEZE. I simply reuse old bread bags and double bag any type of bread that comes in my house. They usually taste fresh for about 2 months but I have had hard rolls taste great 3-4 mo. later.

  3. angie says:

    I freeze any fruit and veggie i can get my hands on, i just blanche them and put them in baggies and cover the veggies( peas, carrots, turnip, parsnips, beans, etc) with water. for onions and peppers i chop them up and freeze them on a cookie sheet till they are frozen and bag them up.i have things frozen for up to 2 years and they taste the same as when i put them down. i also make fruit pies when the produce is at its peak and freeze them unbaked. When i need one i just pop it in the oven. its great for when unexpected company arrives.

  4. Ed says:

    I was wondering, you’re saying that:

    Dish Detergent – 1 Year

    But, what about dish detergent tabs? Like Finish Quantum? Does that apply to that product too?

  5. Mrs January says:

    Ed: No, I was referring to dishwashing soap (some of it actually lasts longer than 1 year, but I put 1 year just to be safe). The dishwasher tabs would last years, I’m sure.

  6. Kim says:


    Great list! I quite enjoy (and benefit from) reading your posts and tips.

    I’d add that one can freeze apples though – in the form of pie filling.
    Another interesting one; you can freeze cheese (thaw in the fridge, not at room temp – to prevent crumbling), and cottage cheese.

    • shannon says:

      I would like to comment that I also freeze apples, and pears, by slicing the apples, tossing with sugar and cinnamon, and freezing in a gallon bag for pies, to top ice cream, oatmeal, etc, and of course our family favorite- German Apple Cake.

  7. Jessica Livingston says:

    I was wondering when you say Toothpaste – 2 years. What happens when you buy toothpaste and the expiration date on it is a year from when you bought it? Is it still good up to a year after that or would you stick with the expiry date they give you?

  8. amy says:

    I also freeze my gluten free flours (regular flour can be as well). So can dry cat and dog food be frozen. Great way to also kill cockroach eggs.

  9. Jen Gibbons says:

    I agree with an early comment by Shannon about freezing apples with sugar and cinnamon. If you are using them for baking this works well.

  10. Lisa says:

    When Greek-style cream cheese was being sold at my Loblaws for 49¢ because it was nearing the expiration date, I couldn’t resist buying a bunch to freeze…even though everything I read said no. The problem is that it becomes crumbly, so can’t be spread on bagels or used to make cheesecakes. But it’s great for cooking. My favourite easy dinner? I make a veggie-rich tomato sauce, add chicken cut into strips, melt in a block of the cream cheese, and end up with a delicious chicken rose sauce for pasta.

  11. Luna says:

    Be safe from what? Dishsoap dosent go bad!

  12. Cassie Howard says:

    It won’t hurt you, but dish soap will turn all gloopy and gross after awhile.

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