Frugal Tip: Exchange Christmas Gifts AFTER Christmas

Here is a frugal tip sent in by a reader:

Hi There,
Just wanted to share a frugal tip for Christmas shopping.

I have a friend who’s family actually gives gifts after Christmas day so that they can shop on boxing day and cash in on all of the deals – then they exchange gifts a few days later.

What a wonderful way to save money!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    This is a really great way to save money. Years ago, we used to spend Christmas at home and New Years with my (then) husband’s family, since we didn’t see them until New Years, we often bought gifts at the “After Christmas” sales.

    Another thing I noticed is that toys take a huge price jump around November so if you know what the kids in your family like, pick it up in August, much much cheaper.

    This year, I bought my adult niece and nephews gift cards (which we always do) but I bought them at Sobeys and was able to use my air mile certificates, $75 worth of gift cards and only paid $15.

  2. Katerina says:

    I actually do this to purchase the following years’ gifts…especially for stocking stuffers, xmas wrap, etc!

  3. Monica says:

    Toys that are seasonal to stores, like Superstore, get clearanced shortly after Christmas. I stock up on toys to make for gifts for my daughter’s friend’s from class for their birthdays. I get $20 toys for up tp 75% off!

  4. Poor Fat Chick says:

    This is why i love giving cash or gift cards for Christmas. Not because i am lazy or thoughtless but i know they can get great deals.
    I also like to shop after Christmas and send gifts to family overseas because i swear the postage goes up during Christmas to 🙂

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