Frugal Tip: Earn Rewards Points By Purchasing Gift Cards

Rewards Cards

Here’s a frugal tip sent in by a reader.

Of course, every frugal person has a pocket full of reward cards; Air Miles, Esso Extra, Petro Points, etc. – here’s a way to earn points from restaurants and retailers that don’t normally offer rewards programs of their own… gift cards!

Petro-Canada, for example, will give you 20 points per dollar spent on gift cards.

Taking the kids to Subway for lunch? Stop at the Petro-Canada first, buy a $25 dollar gift card, use your Air Miles Credit, and you’ll get 500 Petro Points, plus the Air Miles for charging your purchase to your card.

I travel a lot for business, and my company pays me a “per diem” for meals, no receipts required. So if I’m planning a 4-day trip to visit accounts, I’ll stop by Petro-Canada and grab a couple Subway cards, a Boston Pizza card, or whatever looks good. Usually spend about $100 for a 3-4 day trip, snag 5 Air Miles, 2000 Petro Points, and wind up “pocketing” about $20 off my meal allowances.

Side benefit is that I’m making only one transaction, so I’m not racking up debit card usage charges, either.

Also a handy trick for summer road trips: Stock up on cards before you hit the highway for the cottage and all those stops for snacks wont seem as draining on your pocket money!

(Thanks, KD!)

Do you have a frugal tip to share? Let me know!

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  1. travelgeek says:

    Zellers is another retailer that awards points on gift card purchases (other than HBC)….. if that is what you prefer over petro points.

  2. Marilyn says:

    That is brilliant – thanks for the tip! Are there any other places that allow points when you purchase gift cards?

  3. Mrs January says:

    Marilyn: Zellers does. Also, Shoppers allows you to get SDM points when you buy their gift cards only – but then you can use their gift cards to buy gift cards to other stores you like. 😉

  4. TallNFunny says:

    Subway gives you a free 6″ sub when you buy a $25 gift card.

  5. Tammi says:

    This is great. Also, check your petro points for where you can use them. We converted our points to Sears and bought our $1000 matress with it. No cost to us.

  6. KD says:

    Marilyn – if you prefer Esso Extra points to Petro-Points, I believe they will also give you points on gift card purchases. I prefer Petro Points only because there seems to be Petro Canada stations everywhere I look in my end of the world…

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