25 Delicious Freezer-Friendly Foods To Make

I’m a big fan of freezer cooking because it helps to eliminate so much time in the kitchen. Sure, it takes a few hours to prepare a bunch of food for your freezer, but that is time well spent.

Would you rather spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen every night, or 4-5 hours in the kitchen one day per week? If you’re like me, you’d rather work one day a week for a longer period, than work every day for shorter periods!

Over the years, I’ve made many foods and tested them to see if they would work as freezer-friendly foods, and these are my top 25 picks. These dishes are all freezer-friendly!

Freezer Friendly Foods

25 Delicious Freezer-Friendly Foods to Make

Vegan Broccoli Mac and Cheese

1. Vegan Broccoli Mac & Cheese
Asian Meatballs

2. Easy Asian Meatballs
Greek Chicken

3. Quick & Easy Greek Chicken
Pumpkin Pancakes

4. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes
Chicken Enchiladas

5. Chicken Enchiladas

6. Simple Quinoa Vegetable Soup
Blueberry Coconut Muffins

7. Blueberry Coconut Muffins
Mexican Lasagna

8. Easy Mexican Lasagna
Chicken Teriyaki

9. Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

10. Black Bean Brownies
Healthy Bran Muffins Recipe

11. Healthy Bran Muffins
Spicy Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

12. Spicy Chicken-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Chocolate Peppermint Bark

13. Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Slow Cooker Bolognese

14. Slow Cooker Bolognese
Oatmeal Goji Berry Chocolate Chip Muffins

15. Oatmeal Goji Berry Chocolate Chip Muffins (Vegan)
Chicken Chili

16. Yummy Chicken Chili
Hawaiian Chicken

17. Super Simple Hawaiian Chicken
Pasta Sauce

18. Homemade Pasta Sauce
Whole Wheat Raspberry Buttermilk Pancakes

19. Whole Wheat Raspberry Buttermilk Pancakes
Zucchini Muffins

20. Zucchini Muffins
Quinoa Chicken Mac and Cheese

21. Quinoa Chicken Mac & Cheese
Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken

22. Slow Cooker Garlic & Brown Sugar Chicken
Spinach Lasagna Rolls

23. Spinach Lasagna Rolls
Homemade Croutons

24. Easy Homemade Croutons
Quinoa Veggie Chili

25. Quinoa Veggie Chili
What are your favourite freezer-friendly foods?

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