7 Adorable Easter Cupcakes Children Will Love

This may be my favourite round-up. Ever. These cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous and kids will love helping to decorate them. Start the Easter festivities with a spring treat they will not forget.

7 Adorable Easter Cupcakes Children Will Love

Easter Cupcake Ideas
Get that camera ready to capture the process and the final product. And remember that sheep, bunnies and birds taste just as good even if they are a wee bit lopsided.

Little Lamb Cupcakes

Create a mini lamb cupcake that would make Little Bo Peep proud. Decorations require mini marshmallows fleece, jelly bean legs and a jujube nose.
lamb cupcakes

Cotton Tail Cupcakes

Love this view of the Easter bunny – bottom side up. How fun would these be to create?

Baby Chick Cupcakes

Kids will love sprinkling yellow coconut to create these adorable baby chicks. Use orange gumdrops for beaks and M&M eyes – easy peasy.
baby chicks

Easter Egg Cupcakes

A few candies nestled in green coconut look just like eggs in an Easter basket. Choose your favourite flavour of icing as a base for this creation.

easter egg

Simple Bunny Cupcakes

These are the easiest cupcakes for kids to decorate. Dip these into icing for a smooth finish. Finish off with licorice whiskers and candy eyes and ears.
easy bunny cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes

Sometimes the cutest ideas are the simplest ones. Turn M&M’s on their side to create a carrot shape. Plus – it’s practically healthy because it has a vegetable in it right? {wink} Ice moist carrot cupcakes and watch the bunnies drool.
carrot m&ms

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Love this take on baby birds made from Cadbury mini eggs. Nest-coloured coconut with teeny baby beaks – and you are done!

Whether for birthday parties or family gatherings, I always choose cupcakes. They are easy for little hands to decorate and simple to serve. Hope this post provides inspiration to start your own cupcake tradition this Easter.

What is your favourite dessert to serve at Easter time?


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  1. Amanda says:

    These cupcakes are so cute! Now I have the urge to go in the kitchen and start baking! 🙂

  2. Karen G says:

    Amanda – I know exactly how you feel – off to buy M&Ms to create the carrot ones. Of course, it’s all for the children, right? 😉

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