Cream Of Tartar – 17 Uses That Will Blow Your Mind

Uses for Cream of Tartar.

Cream of Tartar Uses

Cream of tartar is one of those magic items that no one really talks about because they’re too busy reminding everyone how great baking soda and white vinegar are.

But this is one pantry staple that should not be forgotten – and not just because of it’s many culinary applications. No, cream of tartar is much, much more than that. You can use it for so many things other than cooking.

Here are 17 of them:

1. Clean your tub: Make a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Apply to stains, let it dry, wipe off and rinse clean.

2. Remove ink stains from clothing: Create a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Apply to garment and allow to sit for 1-2 hours. Wash in your washing machine as usual.

3. Clean your burner pans: Mix equal parts cream of tartar and white vinegar and apply to your burner pans. Allow to sit for 15 minutes and then scrub clean.

4. Create household cleaner: Mix equal parts cream of tartar and white vinegar. You can clean most surfaces in your home with this cleaner.

5. Great stain remover: Mix 1 cream of tartar with 1/2 cup glycerin and add to a spray bottle. Use on laundry items as needed.

6. Clean your grout: Create a paste of cream of tartar and white vinegar to remove mold and mildew from your grout.

7. Clean your copper: Mix 2 tablespoons cream of tartar with 1 tablespoon lemon juice, rub all over your copper and wipe clean.

8. Clean your stove oven: Mix cream of tartar and white vinegar to make a paste, and apply to the inside of your oven. Allow to sit for about 3 hours and then wipe clean.

9. Remove ring around shirt collars: Apply cream of tartar directly to the ring. Rub it in and the ring should disappear.

10. Remove stains from porcelain sinks: Mix equal parts cream of tartar and white vinegar. Rub onto stain, wipe away and rinse clean.

11. Clean your stainless steel appliances: Mix cream of tartar with a bit of water to polish your appliances.

12. Remove scratches on dishes: Create a thick paste of cream of tartar and water, apply to your dishes, wipe away and rinse clean.

13. Clean your coffee pot: Sprinkle 3 teaspoons of cream of tartar into your coffee pot and fill with water. Heat, wipe clean and rinse.

14. Get rid of ants: Sprinkle cream of tartar in the area that you often get ants, to keep them away.

15. Clean stains from mugs: Put a small amount of cream of tartar and a few drops of water into your mug, let it sit for about 30 seconds, scrub and rinse clean.

16. Have brighter vegetables: Add about half a teaspoon of cream of tartar to boiling veggies. This will help to preserve their color.

17. Clean your drain: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup salt, and 1 tablespoon cream of tartar. Pour into your drain and then add 1 cup of water. Allow to sit for about 60 seconds and then wash it all down.

Are you convinced yet?

This very inexpensive, fine white powder is fantastic. If you’re looking for a more natural cleaner around your home – cream of tartar is one thing you should always have on hand (along with baking soda and white vinegar, of course!).

Have you used cream of tartar as a cleaning agent in your home?

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    Is it possible to mix it with water and drink to keep mosquitoes from biting me? I remember when I was little, my mother gave me Creme of Tarter tablets.

  2. Michele Victor says:

    Thank you for all the hints. Had serious water stains in my bath and with a little elbow grease and cream of tartar, i now have a new tub.

  3. Wanda says:

    I wanted to say that I cleaned with baking soda/vinegar,and then with the COT. Well COT cleaned whole lot better .

  4. William Hill says:

    COT (Cream of Tartar) will also do the Following:
    1. 1 teaspoon orally will within an hour stop kidney stone pain & will dissolve the stones within 2 to 3 days. I had as many as 7 to 10 protein kidney stones and was always in terrible pain. I take 1 teaspoon of COT every month just to make sure I don’t have anymore kidney stones.

  5. A. Beatty says:

    Moma used to give us kids about 1/4 teaspoon internally for breakouts (rashes). It worked too. Still use a bit occasionally.

  6. Carol says:

    Places like ‘Smart and Final’ or ‘Cash and Carry’ or other stores that sell to businesses and the public should have this in their spices/herbs section. I just bought a 24oz container for $19 so ‘some people’ can use their baking soda and we will use our CoT. So there!

  7. Joe says:

    my wife is cleaning junky. We have a tub in our guest bath room that she has tried to clean with several cleaning items. She was telling a sale associate at Home depot about the tub. He suggested cream of tartar mix.. Wow what a difference. Try it,
    it works.

  8. Trudy says:

    Also good with smoking cessation programs – take 1 tsp nightly for 7 nights, in OJ, and it helps to flush the nicotine out of your system faster.

  9. Sherry Connery says:

    Well, you may not believe this, but… CREAM OF TARTER, is fabulous on getting rid of canker sores. Just dab your finger under the faucet. and put it in the cream of tarter jar. Put it directly on cancer sores, mouth sores, it is the best ever

  10. Nancy says:

    From an Amish cookbook –household tips pages:

    Windows (WOO HOO!!): FORGET NEWSPAPER POLISHING (unless you just swear by it).






    Personally, I have always squeegee the bulk of water off, followed by a paper towel dry, then I use cut up old Terry towel rags and polish. Sounds hideously like hard labor — and that used to be so. Not anymore with this recipe. By the way, we live in the mountains and suffer massive flies in the warm months —fly specks and they can be horrible to remove. This recipe has taken the pain out of that.

  11. Hope Dixon says:

    Cream of Tarter is great to help stop smoking, its supposed to help you quit within eight days, but it varies by person, 1tsp. of cream of tarter with 8 ounces of orange juice for eight days…

  12. Chris K says:

    For 30+ yrs one of the bathroom sinks in my house has brown stains. I’ve tried so many things to get it out but nothing worked although some lightened the stain. One night I read an article like this one and decided to try COT (but I didn’t write down the instructions). So I took out my COT can (which is over 35 yrs old), sprinkled it on the stain, left the bathroom and forgot all about it. Hours later I went back into the bathroom, discovered the COT was still in the sink, got a wet paper towel, and proceeded to wipe out the COT. Guess what?! The stain was totally gone with absolutely no elbow grease used! I will definitely use this tip more often and try some of the others as well. I’ll post again if it helps me stop smoking! Fingers crossed …

  13. Lorene Davis says:

    Thank you for the information, I’m going to go buy some now.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I heard recently that taking cream of tartar in a drink ( water, OJ, etc.) will keep any biting insect including ticks, fleas, flying insects, from biting because of a certain odor that is repulsive to the pests keeps them away. there must be something to that !

  15. Llewellyn HUNT says:

    During the 1940s sties in the eyes were common and also what were known as veldsores. My father’s remedy for sties was a teaspoonfull of Cream of tartar in a glass of orange juice. For me this worked like a miracle

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