Coupon Stacking At Target

Did you know coupon stacking at Target is allowed? Well, if you didn’t, you are now aware of some very important information. Target Canada is one of the few retailers that allow coupon stacking, which is a great way to maximize your coupons and save even more money.

Coupon stacking at Target is something to look forward to if Target is not yet in your city and something to take advantage of if they already are.

Coupon Stacking at Target

Coupon Stacking at Target

What is coupon stacking?

Coupon stacking means that you are able to use more than 1 coupon on any item you are purchasing. Most stores usually only allow you to use 1 coupon per item.

Know the store policy

No matter what store you’re shopping at, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their coupon policy ahead of time. It’s also usually a good idea to bring a copy of the policy along with you, just in case you need to reference it while shopping.

Coupon stacking at Target is similar to stacking at other stores in that you cannot stack manufacturer coupons. Target’s coupon policy, however, does allow the stacking of one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon, per item, with a limit of 4 like coupons per household, per day.

Stacking a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon is only allowed if neither coupon explicitly prohibits stacking.

If you have a Target BOGO (buy 1, get 1 free) coupon, one additional manufacturer coupon may be used on the first item. This also works the other way, where if you have a manufacturer BOGO coupon, one additional Target coupon may be used on the first item.

Target does not allow the value of a coupon to exceed the product value, so stacking coupons may get you a free item, but unfortunately, no coupon overage.

Finding Target coupons

You can find printable Target coupons on their website. They use SmartSource as their coupon printer, so it will be a limit of 2 prints per computer.

Keep in mind that not all of the coupons available for print are Target coupons. Coupons that say “Target Exclusive” are store coupons, so if you don’t see that on the coupon, then it’s a manufacturer coupon that is just printed from the Target website.

You will also find coupons for Target’s exclusive brands, such as Archer Farms and Market Pantry.

Don’t forget to watch your mailbox, because Target also sends out store coupons in the mail!

Target Coupon Booklet

Finding manufacturer coupons

You can find manufacturer coupons in a variety of places. Look for manufacturer coupons for items your family uses, and then periodically check the Target website to see if a Target coupon for those items has become available for print, too.

If you find a Target coupon you would like to use, check out our Coupon Database to see if there are any manufacturer coupons out there that you can stack with it.

Check your flyers

Target is a retailer with a price match guarantee, which means you can price match other stores’ sales at Target. You can price match and use a coupon, but it’s done a bit differently than other retailers.

Manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made.
Target coupons will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the price will be adjusted to match the competitor’s.

Target Price Matching

Example #1: Mustard is $2.49 at Target. You would like to price match Walmart’s price of $1.99, and you have $1 off Target coupon. The $1 coupon will be deducted off the $2.49 price (before the price match) so the new price is $1.49 which is lower than the Walmart price. You pay $1.49.

Example #2: Dove shampoo is $4.99 at Target. You would like to price match Loblaws price of $2.99 and you have a $1 off Target coupon. The $1 coupon will be deducted off the $4.99 price (before the price match) so the new price is $3.39, which is not lover than the Loblaws price. The price would then be adjusted to the Loblaws price, so you pay $2.99.

If you’re stacking coupons, the Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the price match will be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made, the manufacturer coupon will be applied.

Example: Mustard is $2.49 at Target. You would like to price match Walmart’s price of $1.99 and you have $1 off Target coupon and a $0.50 tear pad coupon. The $1 coupon will be deducted off the $2.49 price (before the price match) so the new price is $1.49 which is lower than the Walmart price. The $0.50 manufacturer coupon is then deducted from the $1.49 price. You pay $0.99.

Another way to save:

To increase your savings when you’re stacking coupons at Target, is to pay for your purchases using the Target REDcard. Both a credit and a debit card are available, which will save you 5% off your purchases.

Target RedCard

When you get to the checkout, your cashier will take your coupons and ring your order through normally. Once you insert your card and the machine identifies it as a REDcard, your new 5% off total will appear on the screen.

Additional tips for coupon stacking at Target

  • Avoid shopping at peak times to avoid long line-ups.
  • Before shopping, check with the Customer Service desk to see if they’d prefer to ring you up there. I’ve heard that some Target stores want customers using coupons to pay at the Customer Service desk.
  • Have all of your coupons organized and ready before you get to the register. Keeping manufacturer coupons and Target coupons for the same items together will make it easier for the cashier.

Coupon stacking at Target is a great way to make your coupons go further. Coupons on Target’s website are constantly being updated, too, so keep checking back to see what’s new. Remember to follow these tips and it will be impossible for you to not save money on your grocery bill.

Have you tried coupon stacking at Target yet? Share in the comments.

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  1. jamna says:

    Does this mean i can’t have the baby wipes for free even if i got the $1 target and $1 manufacturer coupon for huggies and price match it for $2 at no frills this week?

    • Cassie Howard says:

      Yes, you can do that!

      • elizabeth says:

        Didnt you say that the target coupon gets taken of befor the price match?

        ie , Target price 2.99 -$1 target coupon= 1.99 (so its cheaper then No frills) then -$1 coupon……………. grand total $.99


        • Anna C says:

          I pricematched the huggies wipes to No Frills for $2, used the Target printable – $1 and the Huggies Printable -$1 = free – no problem.

          Only problem I had was I didn’t get my $0.05 for bringing a bag. I was so diligent watching that this all goes well that I forget to remind the cashier about the $0.05. This is the 3rd time that’s happened.

  2. Linda says:

    Our old Zellers store isn’t turning into a Target. I don’t think we are getting a Target in our town. I am not sure where any are, but I can do a location search on their site. Thanks for the info!

    • Nicole Homeniuk says:

      Target has stated that they hope to have 200 stores open within the next 10 years so hopefully you’ll get one close to you at some point down the road.

  3. Nadine says:

    How can I print the target coupons from their site?
    When I go in it’s tell me not available for phones to expand my browser.

  4. melissa says:

    I stacked at Target today! I price matched the huggies wipes for $2 and used the $1 off manufacturer and $1 off coupon from their site to get them for free!

  5. Kristi Renout says:

    At the self checouts, you can scan the target coupons, but can you possibly scan manufacturers coupons too? And are you supposed to keep the coupons? The machine didn’t ask me for my coupon or anything, so I just kept it.

  6. beth says:

    I know this is an old thread but iam wondering about stacking at target. I’ve gone over the coupon policy severeal times, however, I am unsure about something. In the policy, it states that you can combine and target coupon with manufacturer coupon as long as it doesn’t state “cannot be combine with other coupons” etc……. but how is it everyone is able to stack when pretty much all manufacturers coupons states that they cannot be combined with other coupons. Someone mentioned in here earlier that they stacked using huggies coupons but the smartsource one all say cannot be combined. Is there something I am missing ? I hope there is as it has prevented me from using them

    • Cassie Howard says:

      You can stack any manufacturer coupon with a target coupon, as long as neither coupon says “NO STACKING” – and most don’t say that. 🙂

  7. Nicole Homeniuk says:

    I didn’t even know about the bag discount. Thanks for mentioning it Kris 🙂

  8. Kris says:

    Yes. The cashiers have a barcode that they scan for each bag you bring that takes .05 off your total. You have to remind them sometimes to scan it. You don’t get the discount at the self checkouts, though.

    If you don’t have any Target coupons, ask at the Customer Service desk for the latest two booklets, groceries & back to school. I had one pack arrive tucked in my newspaper flyer, and another mailed out (now expired) back when the local store first opened. The long expiry dates are great. The printable site coupons are hosted by SmartSource, with the newest on the first page. They are almost always mirrored in the booklets, with a few exceptions like the $2 off Clear shampoo a while ago.

  9. Angela says:

    Some stores give you a bag discount when you bring your own reusable shopping bags.

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