Coupon Zone Coupons – Everything You Need To Know

Do you love finding tear pad coupons? Well, if you do, then you probably love Coupon Zone coupons! They’re another great say to save money with coupons – and there are tons of coupons available at all times.

Coupon Zone Coupons

Coupon Zone Coupons

What are Coupon Zone coupons?

Coupon Zone coupons are tear pad coupons for dollars or cents off, that are distributed by the Loblaws company. They are store coupons, meaning that they are distributed by a store and not the manufacturer of the product. This means that the coupons are not sent in for reimbursement to the manufacturer, rather the store pays the cost.

What kind of products are Coupon Zone coupons for?

Coupons vary week to week, but you will often find Coupon Zone coupons available for everything that you would find a manufacturer coupon for:

  • Food items
  • Personal Care items
  • Pet food/treats
  • Baby items
  • Household items

You will also find coupons for store brand items, such as the President’s Choice and No Name lines.

Can I combine a Coupon Zone coupon with a manufacturer coupon?

Unfortunately, you are unable to combine a Coupon Zone coupon with a manufacturer coupon on the same item. This is listed in the Loblaws coupon policy:

“One coupon only per item purchased may be redeemed during each store visit, even if a limit statement is not included on the coupon. Coupon stacking is not allowed.”

Where Can I Use Coupon Zone coupons?

Coupon Zone coupons are exclusive to Loblaws banner stores. This means they can usually be used at: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Your Independent Grocer, Atlantic Superstore, Dominion, Extra Foods, Maxi, Provigo and T&T Supermarket.

Loblaws Banner Stores

Each coupon will list which stores will accept the coupon, since not all products are available at all stores.

Coupon Zone Stores

How often are new coupons released?

New coupons are typically released every two weeks. Coupons are usually valid for a two week period, with some valid up to one month.

Where can I find Coupon Zone coupons?

All of the Coupon Zone coupons that are currently available can be found on a bulletin board just as you are entering the store. You will also find tear pads of coupons in the aisles (in front of the products).

Also, Real Canadian Superstore has launched an online site for printable Coupon Zone coupons. They use SmartSouce as their coupon printer, so it’s a limit of 2 prints per computer. You cannot combine these coupons with the tear pad coupons in store.

Coupon Zone Coupon Board

For the last few years, a Summer Savings Coupon Booklet has also been available at select banner stores with a variety of grocery coupons.

Coupon Zone Summer Savings

When I’m shopping, I always take a walk around the store looking for new coupons. Who doesn’t love the thrill of finding a new coupon? The Coupon Zone coupons are great because it seems like there are always new coupons to get excited about – and all in one convenient place!

If you haven’t stopped by the Coupon Zone lately, check it out the next time you are shopping at your local Loblaws banner store.

What are some favourite Coupon Zone coupons that you’ve found?

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  1. jer says:

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that Walmart accepts these coupons as well, is that true or am I imagining that?

  2. Cassie Howard says:

    Walmart does NOT accept these coupons, unless they have a final selling price on them (example: $1 off Pantene shampoo, $2.99 with coupon, which most do not. Coupon Zone coupons are treated as a price match at Walmart, because there is no remit address for Walmart to send the coupons to to be reimbursed.

    Please do not use these coupons at Walmart, UNLESS they have a final selling price (which is not likely).

  3. Jamie says:

    My local No Frills (Carlos No Frills @ Yonge & Steeles) does not have such a bulletin board… 🙁

    • Josie says:

      I don’t think any of the No Frills’ stores actually have the bulletin board, mine doesn’t, … BUT they still have pretty much all the coupons that you would find on the board and they are just on the shelves instead!

  4. Vicki says:

    I live near Edmonton, AB and a few of the Loblaws banner stores out here have started including manufacturers coupons in their coupon zones. You have to check the details on the back but I’ve found a lot of manufacturer’s coupons this way in the past 2-3 months.

  5. Michelle says:

    In Ottawa at Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore manufacturers coupons have been going up for the past 6-9 months. Good ones for things like Nordica,Gaylea, Barilla, Oasis, Bertolli, and many brandsaver with long expiry dates. Any coupon you find in Metro in Ottawa now is usually always on the coupon zone board which is great because they are more plentiful and you stand a better chance of getting coupons with all those folks around who take whole tearpads.

  6. Debra says:

    Just used a Coupon Zone coupon at Walmart today (Carleton Place, Ont)…it was $2 Off when you buy 2 participating Kraft cheese products. Even though I had ‘Free’ coupons for the 2 Kraft Cheese products, I still got the $2 off the purchase. 🙂

  7. audrey says:

    I rarely shop at Loblaws stores (I use RCSS), but always grab these coupons on my way in when I do. My local Co-Op honors competitors coupons, so I use them there even if I dont use them at RCSS. Walmart accepts them too!

    • audrey says:

      Oh! And last time I went to RCSS and saw their coupon zone, there were actually more manufacturer coupons (which can be used anywhere, obviously) than just Loblaws ones.

  8. Jenn says:

    I have a question about:

    “One coupon only per item purchased may be redeemed during each store visit, even if a limit statement is not included on the coupon. Coupon stacking is not allowed.”

    So if I have 2 coupons for save $1..00 on a box of rice crispies and I have 2 boxes of rice crispies. Am I allowed to do this? My RCSS says no….I am only allowed to use 1 coupons per transaction….so only 1 box of cereal as I can only ones 1 of those coupons…not 2. (even though I am not stacking, just using 1 per item purchased)

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