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Wondering where to find high value coupons?

How to get coupons mailed to you in Canada. Most of my high value and FREE product coupons (FPC) come directly from the manufacturers themselves. I simply call or email them, explaining how my family enjoys their products, and I ask them if they have any coupons that they are able to send me. Some companies will send you some, and others won’t.

Whether or not you receive the same coupons as the ones on this list will vary by which representative you reach. I have tried to order coupons from certain companies after hearing that someone else had received them, and the representative would tell me that they do not send coupons in the mail. It’s hit or miss.

The following is a list of companies that have sent coupons to consumers. Please do not take advantage of the kindness of these companies. Only ask for coupons from companies that you truly do enjoy.

Arthur’s Smoothies: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Aveeno: Was sent 1x $3 coupon
Email: Click here

Barbara’s: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Biore: Was sent 2x $1 coupons for any product
Email: click here

Blue Dragon: Was sent 1x $1.50 WUB2 AND 2x $1 WUB2
Email: Click here

Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat Food: Was sent 1x $5 coupon
Email: Click here

Chapmans: Was sent 1x $4 coupon. You can email yearly to request coupons.
Email: click here

Clover Leaf: Was sent 1x $0.50 WUB2 flavoured tuna coupon and 1x $1 WUB3 flavoured tuna coupon
Email: click here

Danone: Was sent 2x $3 gift certificates
Email: Click here

Daiya: Was sent 3x $0.50 coupons
Email: Click here

Driscoll’s Berries: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Click here

Duncan Hines: Was sent 1x $0.35 coupon for cake mix, brownie mix or frosting
Email: click here

Earth Balance: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Eden’s Organics: Was sent 3x $1 coupons
Email: click here

El Monterey: Was sent 4x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Fresh Express: Sent 2x FPC for packaged salad
Email: click here

Gain: Sent 2x $1 coupons for fabric softener or laundry detergent
Email: click here

Gay Lea, Nordica, Ivanhoe, Lacteeze: Was sent 1x $2 coupon, 2x $1 coupons, 1x $1 Ivanhoe coupon
Email: Click here

Glutino: Sent 2x FPC, 1x $1 and 1x B1G1 FREE coupons
Email: click here

Haan-Celestial: Sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Haagen-dazs Received 10x $1 stackable coupons
Email: click here

Hills/Science Diet Pet Food: Was sent 1x $10 coupon
Email: Click here

Iams: Sent 4x $2 coupons for dog food and cat food.
Email: click here

John Frieda: Sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Johnson & Johnson: Sent 2x $2 Stayfree/K-Y/etc. product, 2x $2 Tylenol/Reach/etc. product, 2x $3 Aveeno/Neutrogena/etc. product. Note: You can call/email monthly to request coupons. Quantities are limited as they are trying to switch over completely to printable coupons.
Email: click here
Phone Number: 1-866-565-2229

Johnsonville Sausage Will mail out coupons upon request every 3 months if you email them

Marc Angelo Meats: Sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Visit their Facebook page

Melitta: various coupons
Email/phone: Click here

Michelina’s: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: [email protected]

Natura: Was sent 14x $0.75, $0.50 and $1 coupons for soy and rice beverages.
Email: Click Here

Organic Meadow: Sent 4x $1 coupons + fridge magnet, Sent 3x $0.75 coupons
Email: click here

Pita Break: Sent 1x $5 WUB2 coupon for any Pita Break products
Email: click here (join coupon club)

Purina: Sent 3x $2 Maxx Scoop Litter, 3x $1 Dry Cat Chow, 3x $3 Dry Dog Chow
Email: click here

Rice Works: Sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: click here

Revlon: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Rogers: Sent 2x $0.50 coupons for cereal, 2x $0.50 coupons for granola and 2x $0.50 coupons for flour
Email: click here

Schick: Sent 1x $2 coupon for Schick razor
Email: click here

Tetley: Sent 1x $1 coupon and 1x FPC for any product
Email: click here

Uncle Bens: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Click here

Vlasic Pickles: Was sent 1x $0.35 coupon
Email: Click here


Are there any companies that you have received coupons from?


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  1. Marcia says:

    Hi, I have written some of my fav companies also
    I have received the following. I can’t remember websites,
    but google can get u to them. Gaviscon a coupon for one free
    Gaviscon product up to $8.99, Off insect repellent one $12 coupon
    towards any 1 product. Post Cereal sent me 2 $2 coupons
    towards any post cereal, and put me on mailing list for
    any new coupons. I was mailed another 2 $2 coupons 3 months later.
    Chapman’s Ice Cream $4 coupon, Johnson and Johnson sent
    me a free baby pack with powder, baby shapoo, body wash &
    cream, along with a coupon for those products. Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat food
    They sent me coupons for both. Kitten and Puppy Chow, I received a
    Coupon for free bag of each as well as coupons towards cat litter&
    wet food, and dog wet food. Purina One sent me one free bag coupon.
    Kellogg’s sent me a $5 coupon, Viladea products sent me a $5, & 2$ stackable coupon.
    Becel Margerine, at fist had non but later added me to list of ppl to send coupons
    to when they became available. I got a $2 coupon. There are a bunch more
    I have either gotten product or coupons from. As mentioned,
    it’s hit and miss. Sometimes after only a thank u letter 3/4 months later I have
    sent another email and received coupons then. A few it seemed like no
    answer then 6 weeks later I got coupons with no note, just the manufacturers name
    On the envelope.

  2. Marcia says:

    Also I forgot to mention that all of those were in the
    past year. So the ones I mentioned r still sending out
    coupons to some ppl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  3. Monique says:

    So far this year I have gotten some good coupons:

    Bolthouse – 4x $1.00 off
    Silver Hills – 4x FPC
    Sunrise Soya Foods – 2x FPC
    Wowbutter – sent samples

  4. Lindsay says:

    UPDATE THIS LIST! Many do not send coupons out anymore. I tried asking Driscolls again because the one they did send I forgot to use, they asked me to send the expired one back to them! Many companies are getting tougher, preferring Facebook promotions or newsletters.

    Oh well, just gotta get creative ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Amanda says:

    Genuine Health will send a nice little package of samples and coupons if you email them.

    I received:

    1 sample packet of Proteins+ Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter
    1 sample packet of Greens+ Natural Vanilla
    1 x $10 coupon for when you spend $60 or more on Genuine Health products
    1 x $3 coupon for when you spend $30 or more on Genuine Health products
    4 recipe cards for smoothies, drinks and snacks.

  6. Amanda says:

    @Lindsay – Driscoll’s now does their Consumer Panel program, where you have to collect the codes from the bottom of their containers, enter it on the website, and they give you a free coupon in return. The more codes you enter, the higher value the coupon.
    Just a tip though: The coupons are short dated, so don’t enter the codes until you plan to use the coupon.

  7. Nicole says:

    I’m new to all of this what do u guys normally say in your emails to the company?

  8. Amanda says:

    @Nicole – I just give praise for their product(s) (whether it’s true or not LOL) and ask if they have any coupons available. Don’t be shy, just ask for them (and samples, if you want). Most companies are happy to send them to you, especially if you’re heaping praise on their product.
    I always send a thank you email when I receive them in the mail too; they seem to appreciate the thanks and are willing to send you more coupons down the road.

    My emails look something like this:


    I’m a huge fan of your strawberries! They’re always so sweet, big and juicy, and my family loves them with fresh whipped cream, and they make the best smoothies. I buy them all the time, which means my grocery bill can really add up, and I was wondering if you currently have any coupons available. If so, would you please send me a few? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,

    Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lynn says:

    Johnsonville sausage will mail out coupons upon request every 3 months if you email them ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. MsMarly says:

    I am getting so bummed out. Reading all these comments about companies not sending coupons anymore. Today at Walmart in Pembroke, Ontario, I was advised that they have changed their policy for price match! To my horror they only allow one item per price match! I had to leave so many deals behind. Guess they want to send their customers to their competitors now. Such a sad sign of the times! ๐Ÿ™

  11. cathy says:

    Most companies will tell you they now include coupons on their packaging.

  12. Scarlett says:

    It depends on the person who answers your email. Try again in a bit, I have had responses telling me no coupons will be sent out, and then a short while later someone else from the same company will send them out.

  13. Kim says:

    Well Duncan Hines sent me an email saying they no longer send out coupons

  14. Anna says:

    Duncan Hines DOES send them out. I got one last week

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