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Free Baby Samples Canada

Baby Freebies

Are you pregnant? Have a baby? If so, I’ve got some great news – you’re entitled to FREE stuff! Yep, just for having a baby. Aren’t kids great?

There are lots of free baby samples available for you to order. Companies are dying to get you to try their baby products, so they send out free samples to pregnant mom’s and new parents all the time.

Here’s a list of the best baby freebies for Canadians.

Johnson & Johnson

Freebie: One coupon for a free trial “take along” kit, complete with baby lotion and baby wash.
Get this freebie: Call 1-800-361-8068 or Email

Babies/Toys R Us

Freebie: One sample package, including: 1 Huggies newborn diaper, small package of Huggies wipes, 1 rash cream sample, Johnson & Johnson baby wash sample, Playtex drop-ins bottle, nursing pads, Lanolin sample, Nuk pacifier, 2 baby spoons, diaper coupons, baby wash cloth.
Get this freebie: Create a baby registry in store.

Heinz Baby Club

Freebie: Baby cereal, growth chart, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Similac Baby Club

Freebie: Similac Mom sample, Similac infant formula, cheques/coupons every so often for $3-$5 each.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Enfamil Baby Club

Freebie: Coupons, formula sample, coupon for FREE pack of ready-to-feed formula.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Nestle Baby Club

Freebie: Infant formula sample, backpack, coupons, change pad, small Nuk bottle, small bag of Huggies diapers for newborns (samples may vary).
Get this freebie: Join the club.


Freebie: Baby spoon, baby cereal, coupons.
Get this freebie: Call 1-866-335-9080 and ask for promotional package.

Save On Foods

Freebie: Various coupons emailed to members that have joined the More Rewards program.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.


Freebie: Playtex drop-ins bottle, newborn Huggies diaper, Zincofax diaper rash cream sample, coupons.
Get this freebie: Create baby registry & join “waiting club” in store.


Freebie: Nipple cream sample, 5 cloth wipes, 2 breast milk storage bags, 2 disposable nursing pads.
Get this freebie: Email and tell them you plan to breastfeed. Ask for samples.


Freebie: Hydrasense samples, bath toy, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Pampers Gifts to Grow

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes. We also have a list of free Pampers Gifts to Grow pins.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Enfamil Enfagrow

Freebie: Toddler drink.
Get this freebie: Order here.

Shoppers V.I.B

Freebie: Bib, Huggies diaper, Huggies sample pack wipes, Heinz baby food sample, Aveeno baby wash, Optimum coupons for baby products.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Sobeys Baby Club

Freebie: Prenatal vitamins for 2 years (must pick up monthly), pharmacy consultation, welcome kit, baby coupons.
Get this freebie: Sign up at your local Sobeys pharmacy.

Thrifty Foods

Freebie: 8×12 Birthday cake for your child’s first birthday.
Get this freebie: Visit your local Thrifty Foods.

It’s always nice to receive free samples in the mail. Especially when they are for products that are expensive to purchase in the stores (like diapers and formula). Thankfully, there are many companies that are willing to send samples to expecting parents. It’s a great way to test out their products before you actually buy a full size version.

I hope that this list of free baby samples for Canadians has helped you. I made sure to only include companies that I personally have received samples from. There are many baby freebies available, but I warn you to be cautious about the ones you sign up for, as there are many scams out there.

The baby freebies above are freebies that are legitimate and have been received not just by myself, but by many others.


If you have signed up for baby/toddler freebies before, please let us know what you received!


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  1. Jaime-Lynn says:

    Thank you for putting this all in one place. I learned of your site from Good Food For Healthy Babies in Carleton Place. A Connections program.

  2. Astra says:

    Looks like shipping costs are reasonable, but did you have to pay duty because it’s shipping from the U.S. to Canada?

  3. tash says:

    If you go here you can get the johnsons baby pack if you sign up and list your household occupants including that you are expecting:

    Not sure if heinz still offers anything by mail…
    Shoppers, Enfamil, Nestle, Similac, and nestle toddler all seem to work for free baby goodies, pampers and huggies no longer seem to say anything about free items in the mail… we’ll see what happens, however their rewards programs seem alright and they start you off with a few free rewards points. The huggies link on here no longer works but is easily found on google.

  4. Deborah says:

    I just emailed Lansinoh and received a reply saying they do not send out samples except through their retail partners who give samples when you sign up for gift registries. They also said that I could get coupons from the website, but that the coupons are only valid in the US.

  5. Marlena says:

    The same thing happened to me when I made my baby registry at Babies R US at Lawrence and Vp. They just got a bunch of the gift bags back in stock and I picked mine up yesterday. Some great samples/coupons in there 🙂

  6. Marsha says:

    Wow, this is a great list! I only knew about a few of these promotions. Thanks so much!!

    Also redflagdeals sometimes has amazing baby items on discount or for free 🙂


  7. Christin says:

    I was just about to “purchase” one of the slings from Seven Slings, but the shipping to Ontario was going to be over $20. That’s still cheaper than the price of the sling itself ($49), but I think that’s too high of a price for such a simple sling.

  8. Jenna says:

    STAY AWAY from . They gather your email addresses and give them to all sorts of companies but you never receive anything in the mail. I have been receiving all sorts of phone calls offering various things for babies but need to pay for it all apparently. The person above who suggested this site is either a schill trying to get you to sign up, or doesn’t realize it’s a scam website. Notice on the site, there is NO contact information.

  9. Robin says:

    Another freebie for anyone living in White Rock/South Surrey B.C. is free 5×7 baby photo taken with Santa at Semiahmoo Mall. This is for babies born during current year. Visit customer service desk for coupon & then head over to Santa for the pic 🙂

  10. Katy says:

    I just got my gift pack from Shoppers v.i.b. They have cut down a lot. It was only a bib, a sample baby wash, few new born diapers and coupons which will be expired in a month. I can’t really use those coupons as my due date is in June.

  11. Cidalia says:

    Right now, Lansinoh is not giving any samples. They do have printable coupons on their site. Unfortunately, when I went in to register at Sears, they were out of samples. :/

  12. Michelle says:

    Just got an email from Shoppers and their V.I.B program stopped November 2016. 🙁

  13. Hanan says:

    My name is Hanan, I have a newborn baby just 2 months old. I have been trying to register for free baby samples by filling up the registration page, it doesn’t allowed me. It keeps telling me invalid address. Please help me register cause I am interested to see what products is good to use for my baby.


  14. britney says:

    When you go onto j&j, go to the contact us, and fill in your information and in the comment section put requesting newborn baby trial kit, and they will send you a coupon

  15. Ashlyn says:

    yes they do sell baby stuff in toys r us. they have one side for toys and the other side for babys

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