3 Easy Ways To Save On Baby Stuff

I recently wrote an article for Simply Frugal, sharing 3 easy ways to save on baby stuff. Here’s a short sample:

Purchase used for as many baby items as you can.

You can find fantastic bargains on clothing and toys at yard sales and thrift stores. Ebay is another great resource for used goods.

The only items you don’t want to buy used are a stroller, car seat and crib. Those are things you want to invest some money in, since they will be used heavily.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Kris says:

    Completely agree that buying used is the way to go for many items – things are used/fit for such a short time, a lot of used items are in fantastic shape! I actually bought a stroller used, it was a $300 stroller for $40. And it had been used exactly twice, so was in perfect condition. Agree that was a bit of a find and would be hard to repeat.

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